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  1. You could always go to the manufacturers website and view the manual which gives an exploded / strip diagram of the various Warthogs (or the exploded view which is the direct page). Page 14 of the manual, bottom right shows the 9" and 7" differences for the foregrip unit / barrel. Having never had a G&G before, I couldn't tell you if there are any gearbox variations between length variations. https://www.guay2.com/en/product/detail-96 Probably best to keep it untouched for at least one day out - that's the best chance you will get to find any problems that need fixing, especially if you have any sorta warranty to fall back on. Sometimes it's good to learn the faults before you fix them, at least then you'll know what difference any extra purchases do for you. Just be sure to take a backup!
  2. @Davegolf - Cheers, good to know! I've made a note of checking mag changes to see if I need to mod anything in relation to E&L's 'little mag plate' differences. At this time NPO mags aren't necessary, but definitely something that will be considered for a future purchase. Hard to 'find' AEG in the field is a great way of putting it. All those things you've mentioned will hopefully be address at some point. Oh, excellent link, thank you - now I know what it looks like by itself, it'll make searching for it so much easier
  3. @Sniper780 - Yup @Adolf Hamster - Yeah, I figured if I wanted it to pull off a more traditional look, it would be cheaper to grab the full polymer stock later on. That, plus I can source LCT a lot more practically than E&L and I'll likely change the internals anyway. I've not tried anything as small as the T1 for a red dot, but it's something to think about cheers. Since it's airsoft, a slight side rail offset shouldn't be an issue as long as I can get some relative consistency out of the AEG, I guess I will just have to wait and see how tall it will sit with the STKBR stock. Great answer for the silencer thanks! So for aesthetics the PBS-1 definitely, but as you mention there's only reference to its use on the AKM, not the 74, so I should probably avoid it. The PBS-4 is pretty ugly in my eye, but the 'coke can' look is fine only if it actually functions to reduce noise.
  4. @SBoardley - thank you for the image and name of the mount! That's a pretty neat mounting system, not sure how it would work with the standard black polymer type foregrips though (trying to avoid all RIS). Searching for it linked me to some other options so very helpful indeed cheers @Archer - hey! Great to be remembered, a long time indeed away from the forums I could still be found at the usual site until it closed down (sad times), so currently just getting to grips with a new site. My only concern with the side mount was the height of the scope in relation to the stock / grip compared to what I'm used to. I'll have to see if someone owns one and would be kind enough to let me 'have a try'. I agree with the PBS-1, just didn't know if it was 'correct' for an AK-74.
  5. Hey all, Been a long while since I last posted on an airsoft forum, but this topic is definitely a new one for me... Trying to find out a bit more information on the AK-74 series of AEG's by LCT, though I've already received some excellent help (thank you!), a little more wouldn't be a bad thing. From all I've read so far, LCT tick the boxes of being solid and well made (though not as 'accurate' as E&L/Real Sword, which is no bother), followed by ease of internal upgrades (V3 gearbox) and with plenty of external options. As well as seeking more general LCT AK advice from existing/previous users, I am looking to find best choices / recommendations for reliable Magazines (plum 74' mid or hi-caps) and low profile scope mount rail options for the likes of EOTech's or a simple reflex. The rail options I've seen include the upper receiver cover (costly, don't need that much RIS), the gas port cover (too-far-forward), the traditional side scope mount (appears too high), and finally the option that eludes me when looking at stores - the low profile mount based around the original sight block area. Oh, and which would be the better choice of silencer for a basic AK-74M .. PBS-1, PBS-4 or DTK Putnik please? Any helpful advice would be very much appreciated, thank you!
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