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  1. I like horrors. I’m playing Dead Space. There are enough screamers in the game, they represent an unexpected jumping out of the closet of a monster, a monster running at you (from the back, for example). It becomes especially scary when a horde of necromorphs runs at you, and you run out of ammo for the cutter, and there are no other weapons either ... It is very good that the game is from a third person, that is, when someone runs to you from behind, you can notice him and expect his attack or something else. I was glad that the game has a wide variety of weapons. In addition to the cutter, you will be given something like a machine gun, rifle, shotgun and bazooka, only in a space style.
  2. I’m playing mythology game Hades. Like all SGG creations, the game is distinguished by gorgeous visuals, a cool soundtrack authored by Darren Korb and unique mechanics. The game's plot is quite simple. The game does not have a specific genre - it is a mixture of action and slasher. There are six types of weapons, but each has four types. It is more convenient to play on the joystick, since the dynamics of the game are quite frantic. However, the difficulty of the game is not so high, sooner or later it will turn out to escape. The game has only four worlds with several rooms in each and a boss at the end, which change. In general, if you were looking for something similar, then you should not pass by. The game is really worth your attention.
  3. Genuine gameplay, in-depth reviews and unbiased thoughts.
  4. I bought a Mazda Cx-30 2020 at the end of June 2020, after I sold my 2011 Mazda 3. So what can I say: Pros of the car: Bright, expressive exterior and interior design. Excellent handling. Good soundproofing of the cabin. Cons of the car: Problems with the build quality of the cabin The cabin is cramped inside, in comparison with competitors. Fuel consumption in the city is relatively high for a so-called hybrid engine. "Jerking" of the gear box when the 1st and 2nd gears are turned on. My little experience of owning the CX-30 suggests that the price for it is clearly overpriced; if I were an importer, I would think about the pricing policy. For the same money, you can buy a CX-5 in a simpler configuration.
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