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  1. Great advice on the uniforms, ive book marked a few pages as you mentioned the Belgium and Greek stuff and it does look very similiar, i'll take a more indepth look tomorrow when i get up. I'll also have a look at the webbing on ebay too as i only looked for five mins at it on there in the past. Blancoing is not a problem, i was considering doing it to the canvas heat shroud on the suppresor anyway but i was also thinking of just doing a paracord wrap around it as the canvas slightly blocks the front sight and a paracord wrap would be more streamlined although less authentic. On an unrelated note modern military surplus uniforms were cheap as hell at the militaria fair, i picked up two MTP and Two DPM British surplus shirts for 50p each, two MTP trousers for £5 each and a DPM and MTP windproof jacket for £10 each. It's just the older stuff that is over the top. I was contemplating a T-Stock for the STEN but i can imagine just that piece of steel on its own would of been £50+. Maybe next time.
  2. Ohh nice to know about the Webley. The only 37 pattern webbing i've looked at so far is the stuff Soldier of Fortune do, i take it the GSE cheaper stuff is the webbing your talking about if were both on the same page with SOF, the Kay Canvas stuff is slightly more expensive. I had a quick look at the Chatham Dock Militaria fare last Sunday and saw a few bits but i think the price for just the original webbing belt on its own was around £50.
  3. So after recieving a bit of money and going against all advice offered in the New Players and Arrivals thread i went ahead and purchased a NE STEN Mk2(S). I also purchased a WE G18C because i had a go with one and just found it incredibly fun (dont judge me haha). Anyway the STEN is a absolutely lovely but heavy piece of kit. The kick the recoil gives is actually quite a lot more than expected which suprised me. After a bit of faffing around i figured out how to load my one mag with a speed loader i went about setting the bolt stop feature up which added to realism which will add more bonus points in my honest opinion. I have a bit of a kink for historical WW2 weapons and am waiting on the day when a Lee Enfield gets released. I'd love put together a British WW2 loadout, although maybe not the uniform (the 37 webbing would do), however the Webley having no hop up and being supposedly over 400fps is a no go and the Browning has faults and bad reviews (although supposedly the 2020/2021 one is better). This leaves me with the 1911 as an option which will probably be purchased later rather than sooner. As you can see from the pics i had to bodge a front sling mount with paracord and a heavy duty key ring but it works and is rock solid. I went with a three point sling as after trying a two point i found it impossible to transition shoulders and with the 3 point its just easier although not as quick as a one point. A one point sling would be pretty impossible with this STEN as it swinging about and catching me in the nuts would absolutely fudging kill. I recently got a tax rebate and am waiting for the mags to be restocked at AirsoftWorld, once i have a minimum of five i'll take it to a skirmish but until then its just sitting there looking pretty. Ohhh another thing, NE's customer service is exceptional, i had a few problems with the mag and NE are sending me replacements (and spare extra parts for the future) free of charge from Taiwan (hopefully the planned Chinese invasion of Taiwan doesn't happen soon and put a halt to Taiwanese exports) which is some of the best customer service ive experienced. I'll update this thread when i actually field it and give more impressions but as a bit of retail therapy from an absolute shit year of dickhead employers its really cheared me up.
  4. The thing is the issue isn't focus with my right eye its just everything is blurry as hell (currently having Injections in my eye and they are helping slightly) so picking out someone camo'd up in a bush is quite hard even if i wasn't aiming at them as it were. Even using a scope on my mates air rifles, i can look through the scope and get a decent stabalised view but its just blurry. My left eye is perfect. The issue is trying to get a decent sight picture using my left eye and being right handed, the rearward sight is far too low and my left eye is above it if that makes sense. What i meant is that as the AK rear sight is a lot more forward on the weapon, so resting my right cheek in the usual place and firing right handed using my left eye is possible. If i could move the rear M4 style sight forward then that'd work, extending the but stock to the rear most position helped but i still couldnt properly look through the ring to see the front post.
  5. Yeah i agree i'll definately go the AEG route first 100% then delve into a GBBR when the global shipping situation stabalises and stock starts to get imported again. Once i get put on the UKARA database (earliest in November it seems) i'll take a more in depth look, been looking at the CYMA's and LCT's but stock seems to be a problem on certain websites. Still though, plenty of time .
  6. Hi again all, so my first time paying airsoft in probably 20 years this past Sunday and it was definately an enjoyable experience. One thing that did kind of fuck me up though was the use of muscles in my legs and arse from crouching and chucking myself around a lot. Today the pain is an absolute bugger but hey ho. The exercise on its own is enough for me to actually proceed with taking it up properly, it has also pushed me into going for runs again. I kinda misjudged the weather too, supposed to be overcast and mild but it was bloomin hot and sunny so the sweat kinda fucked with my vision a bit ala the goggles, i have anti fog wipes but i misplaced them a few weeks ago when cleaning. I also noticed that using iron sights with a rearward rear sight (M4) was a right pain in the arse as the vision in my right eye was damaged due to stress and other crap at my previous job and im right handed. Swapped the M4 easily enough from right to left handed when needed (different sides of cover) but it didn't feel as natural, i guess practice will cure that. When i shoot my mates air rifles using a scope with my right eye its a no go, i have to use the left eye and go left handed and cocking the bolt handle is a pain but again hey ho. I tried the sights on a friends springer AK that he won at a fair and as the style of rear sight on an AK is in the middle and further forward its a lot easier getting a decent sight picture with my left eye holding the rifle right handed so it seems an AK style sight system (or a raised reflex or red dot of some sort) would also probably work. Anyway an enjoyable time all round.
  7. Thanks a lot guys, you've provided me with a wealth of information already. Much appreciated.
  8. Hi, thanks for the quick response. Yeah i've been looking at the pros and cons. The price and weight of the mags wouldn't really phase me i don't think. I was just thinking about the limited ammo situation and i guess the conservation of ammo and picking your shots would play a big part in that aspect, but as you said if someones blasting you with full auto with a 300 round mag i'd be at a major disadvantage. Winter would probably be the biggest downfall. Maintenace wouldn't be a problem as i have to take apart fishing gear and gardening equipment here at home, lube it up and put it back together although i guess that is only part of it. I'll probably do a bit more research before taking the plunge on a GBB and look into a semi decent AEG for starters, still the noise does put me off slightly still. A friend of mine has a GBB WE G18c that he said i could borrow to take as a side arm but im unsure as the legallity of that regarding me not being on the UKARA database yet and the VCRA. Good shout with the mask i'll prob pick one of those up soon. The ones i linked were the first ones i searched for and im still unsure as to the size of the metal plate in them to stop my teeth getting shattered. The goggles i were given i think are British Army Revison Wolfspider goggles which are fully enclosed, however they are in the loft somewhere under a load of crap probably so im more than likely gonna have to just rely on whatever the site has as part of the hire package. Again thanks for the friendly response.
  9. Hello there all you lovely people. I recently found my local paintball site thats a 5-10 minute drive away from me does Airsoft (Mayhem in Abridge). I've been thinking about taking up Airsoft for the past three or so years but everywhere seemed a bit far away for someone who doesnt drive so this seems like the perfect oppurtunity to do something about it. I curently have clothing i use for fishing that i could repurpose as Airsoft gear (Surplus DPM's and Flektarn, an old NVA CHICOM chest rig (not for fishing lol) that i got at a local surplus shop that closed down about 20 years ago, some surplus Ballistic goggles that i was given for no reason and few other basic things). First question is would this be enough? I'd obviously have to hire the gun at the site until i can get registered on the UKARA database. I was thinking maybe i should get some protection for my mouth as i don't really wanna lose any teeth. I was looking at www.deltamikefacepro.co.uk, anyone used these? Any good? Any other suggestions? I know im thinking a bit far into the future but i did have my eyes set on a GBBR and preferably something that isn't M4 related. Years and years ago i took apart a mates deac AKM and looking at vids online the GHK AKM seems very similiar inside. So my eyes were either set on that, a WE L85, a WE G3A3 or a NE Sten MK2. Is this a bad idea to get a GBB straight off the bat? I've fired a few AEGs in the past and the whining gear noise just doesn't do it for me. Still, a bad idea to go for GBB first go or not? I know getting hold of a GHK or WE is a problem in the UK at the moment but this purchase probably wont be until the new year anyway maybe. TBF i dont mind ordering from Samoon or KYAirsoft if it comes to it. Anyway any advice is much appreciated.
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