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  6. I have a KWA ATP that was acting up and after some taking apart/testing I finally figured out that the sear spring needs to be replaced. I tried to practice the assembly one time with the old spring just to make sure I know how to do it — it turned out to be close to impossible without damaging/stretching out the spring. The fairly strong spring had to be installed in tension and there was no good spot to hold the tiny spring in place. I contacted KWA to ask for tips and they basically told me not to try it myself: "Based on my technicians experience replacing a spring can be a little difficult so he's recommending you to either take it to a local shop so a technician can do it for you or fill out an RMA form so we can bring it in for repair." Do all of you just take your GBB to the shop for something like this? How do they do it at the shop? Do they have some kind of special tool for this? I couldn't find anything online regarding tips. I found some videos on sear spring replacement for other GBBs but none of them look like the KWA ATP...
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