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  1. Guy at my local CQB often just uses two pistols. Even the marshals say a pistol is all you really need.
  2. Not quite. It's a classic move of closing down one company and continuing to trade under a new name, it clears the debts as they're unsecured and in the name of the previous Ltd company. Just means it costs the rest of us more in fees as the likes of Lloyds and Paypal aren't going to want to be out of pocket in the long run. I'll let you draw your own conclusions as to why they'd owe Paypal so much.
  3. Seeing as I had five minutes spare: Xtreme Tactical Ltd was incorporated on 19th February 2020, George is a Director. Prior to that he was a Director of Quantum Tactical UK Ltd (formerly Rifle Optics UK Ltd) between April 2017 and September 2018 and then again from November 2019 until it went into liquidation on 4th March 2020 with debts of £55,514.36 (£23,943.55 to Lloyds and the rest to Paypal). In the period between the two directorships the company was run by Paul, with the same surname as the aforementioned George. There was also a brief flirtation with Extreme Electronics Ltd but they must've decided against that as the company was struck off the register. All the above has been taken from official submissions to companies house and are available bere: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/officers/Hz_Oz6Jv_dxKyCzBIxHPKEbrNMk/appointments
  4. Hello & welcome! Our eldest is 10 so looking at taking him to a game soon - he’s desperate to go!
  5. Surely retinal burning comes at the higher lumens? I spend a lot of time mountain biking in the dark and judging by the impact of when mates look round and forget their head torch is on, anything over 1000 should do that nicely. But more is probably better in this case.
  6. Hello & welcome. Loads of info on the net for your research and loads of knowledgeable people here too. Definitely worth doing a search before you ask any questions, we're a friendly bunch but you'll get a much better response for showing you've put some effort in first
  7. So I ran the Southampton Marathon on Sunday. Took me 4 hours and 25 minutes which I'm really pleased with considering summer decided to turn up and it was 25 degrees. Legs have just about stopped aching now. Was it a good experience? yes Am I doing another? hell no
  8. I'm with you on this one, it's certainly not how many of us would treat a new gun. But there are people out there who genuinely couldn't give a sh*t about their stuff and the description may actually be genuine. If that's the scenario then I'd steer clear cos let's face it, they've hardly taken care of it and who knows what you may be getting. The other scenario is that they're talking out of their arse, it's been used loads and it's overpriced. At which point steer clear. All personal preference of course and we may be being unfair to the sellers, but in a world where caveat emptor is the general rule when buying stuff, I'd rather err on the side of caution.
  9. Personally I don't have UKARA yet (will meet the criteria at my next visit). But, of the two retailers I have physically visited, both have said that as long as I can provide proof I am engaged in Airsoft activities (bookings etc) then they were happy to sell me something without UKARA. Obviously you won't be able to buy online / import stuff and you're limited to what you can get locally but it's worth a visit to a retailer if only to look at shiny new stuff and pick up a few consumables.
  10. Hello & welcome. If you can stretch the budget a little it’ll get you firmly into TM GBB pistol territory.
  11. Hello and welcome back! I expect a lot of things have changed in the 20 years but also a lot hasn’t!
  12. If your chosen activity has organised events then signing up for one works as a motivator/stick to keep at it. It’s also a bit of an extra challenge to push yourself. I don’t really like running, but had never done a marathon so signed up for one - it’s got me out running when all I wanted to do was stay in. Will be glad to be on the bike more when it’s done though as that’s my main sport. 2.5 weeks till the marathon - eek!! 😬
  13. as I always tell Mrs M, it’s not the size it’s what you do with it …….. 😂
  14. If you’re running it as a DMR then there’s a good chance you won’t be able to use it at your local CQB. Outdoors you’ll have a MED but due to the nature of the CQB beast there’s no such thing so you’ll probably be limited to 350fps on .2’s. Plus side is you can get a separate pew for CQB and have another to to play with. Going back to your planned upgrades, play with it stock and then work out where the upgrades need to be. That way you will get to notice the impact of each upgrade and work out if it was worth it, you’ll also gain more knowledge about the impact of each change which will help you diagnose faults in future as well as when it comes to upgrade future purchases. Also, if you’re planning on doing your own tech work I’d highly recommend getting your own chrono. There’s a Negative Airsoft vid on mosfet’s and IIRC he doesn’t fit Gate Titan’s as they’re optical and as such don’t like the dirt. Think he recommends the likes of a Warfet. Not had any personal experience of them so I don’t know what they’re like in the real world.
  15. Give it 5 minutes, something new will come along and restart the cycle. Of course there's always accessories like tracers, night vision and thermal imaging to stop your wallet getting too fat (if you're fancying night games/indoor CQB). Do they make airsoft mortars?
  16. I stand corrected. Thank you.
  17. Just had a look at the eBay store - no sign of the SIG sight. That says to me that SIG has had a word and they've removed the listing, it also says the shop's being run by people who are knowingly ripping people off. Interestingly it's still listed on their website, so I presume they're not out of stock.
  18. that’s on my shopping list when I get UKARA’d - hopefully early September. Would be good to know how you find it.
  19. If it's sold as retail stock and at retail prices but it's not in retail packaging then it warrants a bit more investigation, there's a reason they're in a plain black box and that's certainly being glossed over by the seller.
  20. Correct me if I'm wrong but UKARA is just to prove to a retailer that you are an active airsofter and therefore have a defence for buying a RIF that isn't two-tone. It's not that you can't own a black/camo/high-viz pink RIF, once it's in your possession you can do what you like with it.
  21. Customs is a lottery right now. You wouldn't believe how long it's taking to get an inflatable paddle board through, we're at a month right now and it looks like I might finally get it in a fortnight - which is pretty nuts for a glorified lilo. Can't blame anyone in Europe for not wanting to ship to the UK, I wouldn't if I were them - just ain't worth the hassle. In theory it'll settle down in a few months, backlogs will be cleared and everyone will get a bit more familiar with the rules. Don't hold your breath though.
  22. Also, I'd be concerned that they're putting shipping risks on the customer which means if it fails to turn up they'll do all they can not to give you a refund. A cheap RIF is only cheap RIF if it turns up. Sometimes it's worth buying from the UK for piece of mind as there's no import charges or surprises from Customs (either financial or physical), not to mention sorting warranty issues is a whole lot easier.
  23. Just put the same effort in and go further, faster. MTB's my main sport and a mate has an e-bike. What happened when he got it was his rides got hillier and longer. It's also great as it means we can ride together now - I get a killer workout chasing him up the hills!
  24. My local site has this with their rental guns - spam the trigger too fast and it locks up. A quick burst on full-auto sorts it, can't remember if that's with the mag out or not though - will pay more attention at the briefing next time! (not got my own RIF as yet, can you tell? 😝) Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me will be along soon to help out.
  25. My shins work as a barometer for when my shoes are at the end of their life. I go by the motto "always look after your feet" when buying shoes, it's amazing the difference it can make and yet is overlooked by so many people. Kept banging on about it to Mrs M after a succession of cheap trainers and aching feet (her arches collapse, you can spot it a mile off), she finally let me buy her a pair of Merrell's for walking and within about 5 minutes she realised the benefits of a decent pair of shoes.
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