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  1. Hi all so i have bought myself my first sniper and i particularly like the Russian sv 98 so that is what i bought as i am not one for buying something just for what it can do i very much am someone who wants to buy what i like and then work from there. but as i am fairly new to airsoft and i want to learn to do alot of the tweaking upgrades myself over time i now need some help from you more experienced guys. the gun is firing 380 fps out of the box with 0.25's and ofc my aim is to try and upgrade the rifle as much as possible to get it as close as it can get to its potential. i have done
  2. im on guard tonight damm OC is in the house and i pulled the short straw ><
  3. Hello ladies and gents. my name is Lee and im looking to start airsoft with a few friends i have bought myself a rifle and pistol with some advise from my local airsoft store so im sorted for the basics . But i am also looking to get a sniper so i have the option of diffrent play styles when arriving at a site . i was going to buy a gun that works pretty much straight out the box ie a Nov ssg96. But have been advised with all the difficulties and extra charges eu are throwing at anything coming to the uk its probably not the best idea atm. so im now looking for some advise on a rifle i can
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