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    Tokyo Marui SCAR-L Recoil (CQC), ASG/KWA MP9 & Tokyo Marui PX9
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  1. Hi all, I recently purchased a TM PX4 from this very forum. While testing firing the gun, the slide release catch has broke. I've been surfing the web to try and find a replacement part. While some retailers based in EU counties have them in stock, they won't ship to the UK due to Brexit stuff. I noticed that WE also make a PX4 and that has got myself thinking outside of the box. Is it possible to use WE parts on a TM pistol. There seems to be loads of HK retailers that do have them in stock but I don't want to place an order until I can get a solid answer. Does anyone on here know? I've tried to Google around and search on this forum but I was not having any luck.
  2. Hero shark mesh eyeware here. Took a ping before, scuff paint but no dint on them. Very solid.
  3. I personally don't think it will do too much damage to airsoft reputation. More people will be concerned about their movement in general, in my opinion.
  4. I use a stock for Pavlov. Not for Onward though. I think the virtual stock on Onward is actually pretty decent.
  5. Feel dirty for giving Kicking Mustang a view. If I didn't have an MP9. I certain would convert that into a little PDW.
  6. The Vive Pro 2 is current available but that's more expensive than the Index.
  7. Patrol Base seem to be doing a decent bundle for a Raven Glock 17 along with 2 extra magazines for £108. I'm also tempted myself and just use it as a cheap back up for CQB sites. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/raven-eu-series-eu17-gbb-pistol?pv=5329
  8. No pictures as they are already in the gun. Bought a Wii Tech MP9 130% recoil spring and a steel trigger spring. The trigger feels so much lighter and can now double tap with ease.
  9. As the title pretty much says, a dedicated thread for us VR owners & players to talk about... Well VR things! PC VR, Quest VR, PSVR and other VR brand owners are welcome to join in. Feel free to leave a mini review on your headset, game recommendations, hints & tips and tech support. What VR is everyone using? I am currently using a WMR Lenovo Explorer. I plan to upgrade to the Valve Index if I can upgrade my GPU. Looking forward to have future discussions with everyone!
  10. An absolutely amazing processor and incredible value for money. I was surprised to get almost 5Ghz when I overclocked it. Got very lucky on the silicon lottery.
  11. So I actually manage to fix the issue a few weeks ago, The actual bolt catch wasn't sat under the bolt correctly so I had to reseat it back into position and now works the dream.
  12. Not had any major injuries while playing thankfully. Most painful shot I've received was right on the thumb at point blank range. The one time it made my eyes water.
  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi all, Selling my TM MK23 as I no longer use it and I am rather sad to let it go as the gun brought a lot of smiles to my face back in my sneaky days. The rear towards the gun have scuff due to having a little tumble on one game day and there is a dent and scuffs on the end of the suppressor due to a great shot by someone, however, the gun fires perfectly fine. There are 3 magazines in total, 1 TM brand and 2 ASG brand, 2 are leak free and one is leaking but can be easily fixed, I think the leak was coming from the bottom of the magazine if my memory serves me correct. The suppressor, working LAM unit, hard case and holster are all included. I don't remember the FPS, I believed it fired around 300 FPS area but I don't have a chrono to test. I can provide further pictures, videos of the gun if requested I would prefer to sell as I am looking to fund towards another pistol, but I will consider swaps for a WE 226 with couple of spare magazine & holster. Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. I would prefer collection, however, if you're based in South Yorkshire (or close to SY) I am happy to deliver towards fuel.


    Doncaster - GB

  14. Does the bolt lock back when you hold the magazine further up into the gun?
  15. Are you able to point out what I would need to look for to fully confirm the fault?
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