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  1. Hard target airsoft gets my vote, bridgend so about 20 mins away. Worth traveling out of Cardiff from experience from those that have played both.
  2. I'm fairly new to airsoft having started in Sept. One of the things that got my attention was rate of fire, in that it excited me. I wanted to buya fast firing rif. I recently bought a chrono Purely to see the rps of mine and my sons ( box std) arp556. His was 15rps and mine is 13rps. This surprised me as I thought it was much higher. Given the amount of bb I can get through in a day I don't want anything faster and really can't see why more than 20 rps would be needed? Infact my preferred rate is now 3 round burst as its plenty. Full auto is only for non callers now. I've no problem with those that want to go faster or what propels them. Only real problem I've come across is the drum mag users. Granted I use high caps at 350 rounds but they are nothing compared to what seems minutes on end from the drummers, from behind their cover ! Really slows or stops the game some days. I've also noticed bar post teen walk ons, it's seems the drummers are the ones who don't call hits more often? I sniped one drummer with 3 body shots Sunday from about 40 - 30m as he did a terminator walk across open ground. On the 3rd hit he turned and sprayed me. I just stuck 2 fingers up at him but also then got head shot by a fellow sniper lol so I called hit and off i went.
  3. Any user experience on the downside of these? Seen a couple of vids and look " fun" Couple of questions. Do you run heavier than .20 bb in yours? I read tm advise .20 only!! What battery and does it last for a drum of 3000 bb Will it " spray" out to a range of 40m ? I appreciate accurate shooting is not this guns main aim, but I'm happy to be a spray and pray shooter with it! Thanks.
  4. Ak2 thanks Asit happens the gun went dead Sunday. We thought it might be battery but it's not. So once I have looked at dead issue,spring will be my starting point. Thank you.
  5. New bucking seems to have worked for the " hop" But my fps on the chrono is still a bit low. .25 @ 260 avg. So next task is to get fps up a bit. Any ideas. Gun is currently stock bar the change to g&g bucking.
  6. Yes with battery extension it's pretty easy to fit 1450 or 1600 in. My 1600 lasted all day yesterday, something close to 3500 shots !
  7. I run the 1450 nuprol battery in my 556 with battery extension. Fits ok. I did have one go dead Sunday half way through the day, however it was a busy morning with lots of bb flying about lol. I also run the 1600mha nuprol, "Nuprol NP 1600mah 11.1v LiPo Stick for Airsoft and RC 8118" it's a bit wider but fits in and defo lasts longer.
  8. 53 if you don't mind !! One chap I know and I tried complaining " I'm too old for this" turned and said I'm 69! Admitted he only plays half a day but it shut me, impudent youngster up lol
  9. Ok thanks. I'm new to all this. Hence I just discovered its actually a G608-4 So I won't ask my son again " which gun is this" !!
  10. If I remember I chronograph it with suppression on ànd off. Results were much the same. I'll check it again Monday to be sure. It's definitely not got the range it had a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Hi. Had a g608- 4 for a few months and all was fine. Then a couple of weeks ago it lost a load of fps / power. It was running about 180 - 200 fps with .25g. A barrel clean, checked battery charge ( 7.4v) and discovery of part worn foam/ sponge in silencer, which was removed resulted in fps increasing to about 250fps. But it's still lower than when new and bb (.25) are dropping at about 30m at best. Tried winding hop up, no real advantage in range. So what could be causing the low fps and what's needed to get power / fps back up to 300 plus? Thanks
  12. Loving my later in life start to airsoft. Bit knackered at 50 plus and arthritis in 1 knee but giving it a go at Hard Target Airsoft near Bridgend. Well set up and run I must say. I'm learning slowly and really enjoying it. So much to try and work out, mainly " where the fluck did that shot come from " lol
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