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    (STOCK SOLD) Hi For sale is this lower handguard, upper handguard/gas tube that came off my L Minor cosmetic damage but nothing major. Please note the gas block doesn't have the retention spring as I had to use it for something else and the stock doesn't come with the pin. Tha nksCT.all


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    Hi all Here for sale is a belt of real inert rounds (useful for any LMG users for some visual flair). Cheers


  3. Time Left: 5 days and 4 hours

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    Hi all Here for sale is an AK tube adapter and M4 stock that I have just taken off a gun I recently received, admittedly I know nothing about m4 stocks and tubes so don't know what brand it is but the stock is G&G. Was fitted to a LCT receiver, the stock is quite dirty and there seems to be a bit of wobble between the tube and stock (I am sure there are ways to reduce this). Cheers!


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    Hi all So here for sale is my LCT VSS (she's a beauty isn't she?). Selling it due to trying to thin down the collection for when my gf moves in with me. Shoots like a charm and is very silently as it's nicely shimmed with decent range too. All work done by Skunkworks back when he used to be open: -Around 320 fps -Wired to deans, 7.4v lipo (no mosfet) -Short stroked gears if I remember correctly and reshimmed -Around 320fps on 0.2 -Slightly better than stock motor -Wires re routed to go under suppresser thread instead of over to avoid getting cut wires -Polished stock barrel -Chinese "Vector optics" 4x PSO scope (problems with this explained below). -4 100 round mid caps which need new springs (don't feed), 1 50 round midcap, 1 300 round high cap in plum. Issues: So as discussed 4 mags don't feed and need new springs, I believe this is due to me overloading the mags previously (woops). Biggest issue: So the PSO is rusted onto the rifle and the lever to disengage the mount has broken off, meaning the PSO scope is stuck onto the side of the gun. I haven't attempted to remove this with a hammer or through other means as the scope completes the look of the gun. The other issue being that the PSO is wonky and is impossible to completely zero so it is only used for looks (the bbs shoot slightly to the right and above the reticule). There is a slight solution to the problem of the PSO being stuck on the rifle: You can unscrew the 4 screws you see on the PSO mount which lets you take off the PSO but will leave the mount attached to the dovetail mount on the side of the gun. Any questions please ask and no time wasters please. Postage and Paypal fees are extra. Cheers!



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    Hi all Here for sale is my stock AGM Sten Not used this for years now, I remember it shooting on the cusp of 350 fps so keep that in mind. It is wired to deans and the battery goes into the stock so you need a slim 2 stick 7.4 style lipo. Comes with 3 mags that work fine, do keep in mind though that the mags like to explode when you're pulling them out of the gun (hasn't happened with these ones but I have had it happen to another 2). Gun is a little rusty and beat up but works fine. Postage and paypal fees on top. Cheers! Rob


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    Hi all So here is my repro WW2 Tommy kit I bought from Solder of Fortune about 3 years ago (and used about 5 times in those 3 years haha), cost me about £400. So I am selling this due to me not using it at all as its quite uncomfortable to play with (the clothes are quite scratchy) and I am a rusfor player at heart. Kit comes with: Tommy helmet (says size 58 which I assume is in cm). Load bearing vest and backpack (this comes with 2 standard pouches and 2 Sten mag pouches) Canteen (do NOT use this as its only for show, I think you would get metal poisoning if you were to use it) Gaters in size 3 and size 5 (size 3 appeared to be too small originally so bought more) Collarless shirt Pants Jacket. So I am 6 foot 1, 32 inch waist to help you with an idea of sizing. I am pricing this to sell as I just want the space back its taking up, postage might be quite a bit as its a lot of stuff and a bit of weight to it. Paypal fees extra too. Open to offers. Things to note: One button came off one of the shoulders of the jacket and a different button has been stitched back on. The trousers also have a little bit of dried mud on them so will need a wash when you get them (I'd imagine you'd do this anyway). (Feel free to check out my other listing of a Sten to compliment the kit ;)) Cheers!


    - GB

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    Hi all I believe this is a repro VKBO 5th layer in Digiflora I bought from Greyshop a few years ago. Its a 50-6 I believe (Fits me and I am 6 foot 1, 32 inch waist). Doesn't breathe very well and is very minorly water repellent. No damage to the suit, all is fine and hardly worn.


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    Hi all Here for sale is my Gorka 3 in Digiflora made by BARS. Sizing is 48-5 (It fits me and I am 6 foot 1, 32 inch waist for comparison). Has slowly become bleached and worn looking but no rips and tears on it. Doesn't come with suspenders. Cheers


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    Hi all So here is my beloved, sexy, battle worn A&K PKM (which are now discontinued so become even rarer!). Due to the size and weight of the gun, I am heavily prefer pickup only around the town of Rochdale. However I am frequently in Manchester so can meet there if it proves more convenient. Willing to drive 30 mins in any direction if it makes your life a bit easier for collection. I have not fielded this for a couple years now due to the sheer size of this thing and me not working out anymore. As gorgeous as it looks as a mantlepiece, I would rather someone actually use it now. As far as I remember, the gun chronos at around 340fps with 0.2s (with the hop applied for .25's (so a bit close to the legal limit)). Just tried the gun after it not being used for a while and still functions. However I don't have a chrono to check what the FPS is. The gun comes with the following: -A&K PKM wired to deans, with wooden kit. The rate of fire adjustment buttons have also been bypassed to provide better battery life and reliability of the gun. -1 Box Magazine. (Has an auto winding function that engages when the it hears the gun fire). -RK-8 Tactical Foregrip (for those with extra strong arms). -Inert ammunition belt, great for hiding the battery wires (cable tied onto the feed tray). -SSO Sling -Bullgear Hop Unit (already installed). -Insane cool factor and swagger on the field. Things to note: -On the carry handle, 1 screw came out and got lost so I taped it up with blue tape for the classic worn Russian look. Probably pretty easy to find a replacement but the tape holds up fine. - Rarely the box mag stops winding/getting power, to get it working again I used to have to gently pull on one of the wires of the box mag for it to fix itself (Think of when you used to have a pair of dodgy headphones as a kid and used to bend the wire). I believe the inert bullets as causing this issue but can't say for sure. -The barrel disassembly nut is a bit worn so can be a bit of a pain to detach the barrel and reassemble it, however its been years since I have tried. Just something I'd like to point out. -The bipod exploded at one point so has superglue on both the bipod legs bolts now to stop those pesky legs doing it again. -There are quite a few scratches and scuffs all over it externally giving it a battle worn look (this to me is a positive and it adds the cool factor but not everyone likes that). For example the wood on the stock and pistol grip have some deep grazes. Performance (from what I can remember): -I believe I got this flathopped years ago so can sling out heavier bbs however it can get expensive quick seeing as this bad boi holds 5000's bbs at a time. -Range and accuracy are okay, not amazing (accuracy through volume tho ey?). -Rof is steady but slow(ish), running on 7.4v lipos. Gearbox is quite noisy though due to it never being shimmed. And thats it! She's and absolute beauty and gets lots of attention on the field. Perfect for most Rusfor and militia kits. Any questions don't hesitate to hit me up. Serious buyers only however as I have had my time wasted 3 times now with this. Thanks for your time.


    Rochdale - GB

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    Want to buy a LCT triangle folding stock. Happy to pay or I have a polymer set I would be happy to trade. Just shoot me a message. Cheers!


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