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  1. Hi, new hear and to airsoft when it all opens, and need some help when it comes to goggles or mask on what to get. Unfortunately I am a glasses wearer and contact lenses aren't an option so its making it 1000x harder. If any help or advice can be sent that would be appreciated 

    1. Shamal


      Hello @Sketchyetchy

      Welcome to the pleasure Palace.👍

      Good Times to be had by all.🙂

      I'm pretty sure you can get eye pro that clips to your glasses. Or the welder type goggles that have the elasticated band that goes around your head they would fit over glasses.👀

      Most sites provide full face masks until you decide what to get. I find they hamper me by way of getting hot and causing fogging to eye pro.

      Have a look on @GAMBLE.

      He has a tube channel which will answer lots of your questions.👍

      Have fun when it all starts again.

      Be safe🙂


    2. Sketchyetchy


      Thank you for the help and advice I shall check out Gamble now!

  2. Thanks, think I bought my GHK rifle on a whim, had it a little while now and used it twice, time will tell if I use it
  3. Yes that’s exactly what I mean, an airsoft version of what they do with mini rifle thanks
  4. Not sure the people I’d be shooting at with the FDE one would think that, and I’m not into the thought of dressing up and playing so I’ll pass thanks
  5. Co2 mag arrived, kicks a bit more now, need to chrono it to check all is still in order
  6. Fair enough but there’s loads that do accept it, all in the list I provided that you asked for have confirmed it, none have asked what I want them for, not that they know it but I own firearms so I’m hardly going to risk that by being inappropriate with a plastic firing ‘toy’
  7. If you say so, my legal defence as offered to the retailer was accepted end of
  8. I don’t describe myself as anything, I ask if they accept SA membership if their site isn’t obvious, they either reply yes or no, defcon definitely accept it as that’s where I just got my GHK from, I have zero interest and ‘playing’ it was only ever bought as a training rifle for my FAC rifle
  9. All of those definitely accept it, they have either confirmed it to me or it’s on their websites
  10. These all accept Sportsman Association as a valid legal defence Airsoft world Crawley surplus store Weekend warriors Action hobby Just BB guns Defcon Fire support Land warrior airsoft A2 supplies
  11. So are you saying that a retailer must ask the reason why so don’t may have the Sportsman Association defence because they don’t
  12. If it’s not a valid defence to sell RIF to over 18’s then there are many retailers breaking the law then which I doubt they would run that risk
  13. Or just get a £25 a year Sportsman Association membership which many retailers accept as your legal defence requirement
  14. Well I’m glad that’s cleared that up 😬
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