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  1. tonights goal get my finger out ym ass and get my m4 finished stupidly cracked my piston dropping it then running over it with my chair ooops *i aint a fat ass honest* luckily my local shop has cyma metal rack pistons in stock so have picked one of those up along with a couple turnigy 1000mah 7.4's for the stepsons gun when i convert it to deans that is

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    2. miserydrift


      maybe maybe not haha nah i definatly will lol this 29th buisness has got my ass into gear want it running swet as for then :D


    3. ak2m4


      Hey bud, I've got so many plastic piston bodies, let me know what rack it is and we can sort something out

    4. miserydrift


      hey bud thanks for the offer man but i picked one up from the local shop when picked up my batts,but again thank you man!

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