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  1. Hi All, I've recently picked up some TI Atoms after getting a decent deal on them - not sure they are going to fit my purpose as I mostly play at 'open air/outdoor' CQB fields (I feel they may be good in an enclosed area, but not for my application most likely). Currently looking at an alternatives, was wondering what peoples go to recomendations on the Quakes, Dynatex or the Swat VTG is, currently I'm swayed to the VTG but just wanted to see what the go too recommendation is? And also not 100% sure what size blanks would/should be used, as it seems most gre
  2. Hi All, Currently running the CYMA CM.515 (https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/cyma-cm-515-m4a1-carbine-w-keymod-handguard?fv=1047) Obviously a cheap option, but I've definitely got some good use out of it in the last year (must have got a good one through quality control) with relatively ok range + accuracy from stock. At this stage I'm unsure whether it is worth upgrading such a cheap platform, or looking at an alternate M4 (and keep the stock CYMA as a spare). Does anyone have any experience upgrading the CM.515, and what I would be able to push out of it u
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