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    Used twice! Then the lockdown happened! And now I need to sell to keep my business afloat! KWA T6 Ronin not a scratch on her (as far as I can see) comes with box single point sling 1300mah 11.1v 12wh deans lipo batt (the gun has been converted to deans) Nurprol optics Red Dot screen protector speed loader Foregrip Also included a Titan smart charger for the battery (Smart charger but no advanced features like storage charge)


  2. Thanks guys, really appreciate the welcome and the info without trolling through countless websites! Good luck in your games
  3. Hi there, relatively new to Airsoft and new to the forum so sorry if this is in the wrong place. I used to go to Airsoft but that was a fair while ago before Lipo batteries was a thing, but my love for the sport has been growing again and ive been to a few events. Ive now taken the plunge and purchased my first higher end gun (KWA Ronin T6) the supplier recommended a 1300mah 11.1v 25C 12wh battery and supplied a compatible smart charger so I know the charger and the battery are good together. The problem is I don't know too much about Lipo batteries. So ive been doing a good bit of research
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