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  1. Bought Windfire light yesterday and it just arrived. Snug fit and the pressure sensor feel sturdy. Blown away at how bright it was (only downside was I had to source my own re-charable battery for it). Nice padded box as well to save it from knocks when transporting it.
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    Happy Friday People. Any CS:GO players lurking here? I know it's an older game but it's so much fun when playing with a good team. I play regularly with a small group of UK lads (5 of us at moment, 3 are or have been playing airsoft as a hobby) on Faceit & competitive match making, we rank between Master Guardian Elite & Global Elite. We enjoy the completive element, with emphasis on teamwork and communication, we don't do any spurging! Add me on Discord (Black#3002) if you'd like to have a game, any skill level is fine - just a mic is a
  3. Hello! Lurking here a while but thought i'd sign up and say hello. First of all, thank you for posters of all the topics that I've poured over in regards to equipment, site reviews and in-depth knowhow of airsoft, it was very useful reading. So i'm living in Gloucester, on the same road as the StrikeForce CQB site which is fortunate for me. I was going to re-join a gym as I need to be a bit more active in my life but I enjoyed airsoft before and thought it would be a more rewarding form of exercise and looking forward to playing some weekly games soon as Ch
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