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  1. Thanks for responces, will check them out.
  2. Swat - Wirral Outpost - Chester 6mm (Level 2) - Dagger Woods - Preston Any of these are good places to go solo. You will be welcomed and its not hard to just mingle with others. Imo Any site, indoor or outdoor will have the regular groups who sometimes seem unapproachable from the outside. We all play the same game/hobby. Sometimes after the first game, its a good way to approach others and talk about bits that you found good. It get the convo going and you will find most groups are just groups of regualrs players. Some only see each other at these events so its a good way to meet these folks.
  3. So way back when, we only had a few options for gearbox types. I use to buy a standard v2 re-enforced gearbox that would last. I mean they really lasted, 20years kinds of lasted. However, 20yrs is long enough and i new need replacements due to cracks and breaks appearing. So, what is a decent replacement. I am seeing alot qr/qd shells but alot seem to be "E&C", Are these any good ? It doesnt have to last 20yrs but i would like it to last more than a few shoots before it needs replacing again. Also seeing alot of pre built boxes but they are almost all m4/m16 with triggers that look so thin i feel if i actually pressed them, they would snap (think Mongo hands for anyone who knows the film 😉). For info, I run usually a g3 or mp5. Both upgraded and kicking out 345-350 fps. Parts seem to getting rare as alot of the market is dominated by m4 variants. Thanks for any advice.
  4. Ive just bought one from fire-support and it works fine on my original tm m92f that has no threaded barrel. Screws straight onto the 14mm ccw tracer without need for any other adaptor. Have to make sure its tight on (had to use a 20p to tighten it, now it doesnt slide off when the top slide moves forward. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/laylaxnineball-tokyo-marui-m92f-silencer-attachment-sas-neo-14mm-ccw Have a spitfire tracer on it. Need to modify my holster for it but other than that, it seems to work fine.
  5. Thanks, the diagrams id seen didnt show it,
  6. Anyone with knowledge of where this part fits ? Its a sliding weight part, small plastic part. Took the slide off, found this sitting down by the spring but i have no idea where to stick it back in. When i used the pistol at last shoot, it didnt stop the gun from working in anyway but at chrono the pistol dropped about 70fps. As it was cold i thought the temp was the cause, but it may have been the removal of this part. Just cant find my manual and the exploded diagram ive looked at online doesnt seem to show it. Screen shot, (if it works) is from eagle airsoft website, tried linking pic but didnt seem to want to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Is it really just as simple as this or is there more modification to the pistol required ? Never used hpa but considering a pistol setup for cqb sites. Thank in advance.
  8. I have a tm silencer kit, 20yr old kit. It replaced the whole front end with the tracer and sd fitting. They are now hard to find and im told no longer available to buy. I have seen one on these forums for sale awhile ago, no idea if it sold or not though. Get an sd to screw attachment and then any tracer can fit as it will save alot of future hassle. Currently, i use the screw fitting and an ics suppressor case with the tracer inside it as its a nice tight fit. I can take the suppressor off and attach it directly to my g3 without having the change any fittings. Also the weight of the ics metal case feels better for the sd rather than the basic tm plastic front. Just check the thread sizes beforehand. The ics sd thread silencer is reccessed so it doesnt look any different to the tm version once screwed into place.
  9. The plastic tm type ? Or the metal foam ics type ?
  10. Got one, it doesnt fit the ak silencer fitting which is the only screw fitting in the box for the tracer.
  11. Hi Ive an old T.M full auto tracer unit (discontinued type) that has all the attachments and original parts. I used it once at Sennybridge 2003 on a tm mp5 at the time without issue. Since then, the TM was replaced with an ICS sd version and I have never since used the tracer as i never played another night game. Recently returning to airsoft, ive found a site nearby that plays cqb and the tracer would be a nice setup. Issue :- Nothing i have will fit the tracer to the mp5. Ive tried the sd fitting but something is stopping the tracer fitting, maybe the barrel is touching the internal tracer or maybe the sd fitting is just a little thicker than the tm version. Sd fitting doesnt fit, Ics screw fitting for silencer wont fit anything i have in the tracer box, If anyone has any suggestions id love to hear it.
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