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  1. What do you think about Tippman? I like the videos I have seen. But co2 in mag seems to be a bad idea😬😬. Hard to train mag change😬😬 /Fredrik Right now Lasershooting. But I have not started to sell anything yet. I want everything to be perfect for training and education of shooters first. To many system out there wich dont give the right training. /Fredrik Nice word😀👍. Have never heard that before. But I understand it anyway👍👍/F
  2. Hi all! I’m looking for a way to get as much recoil as possible with my M4. I will use an IR-laser and only shoot laser at a projector screen with a camera wich pick up the hit point etc. So no bullets will be used. Any good idea what to buy? The video just show some of my target set up. Cheers Fredrik IMG_0495.MOV IMG_0559.MOV
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