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  1. -Spent £400 on a Ronin TK45c. The two tone isn't as ugly and bright as I thought it'd be.🤔 -Viper venom boots. At this rate my loadout could be considered a walking Viper add. They may as well sponsor me!
  2. A Good budget M4 series I'd recommend are the G&G combat machine series. CM raider or Other shorter platforms like the CM firehawk if you're playing close quarters. You can't really go wrong with these from my experience since they were pretty reliable and affordable. It's a safe option to get you back into the sport.
  3. Welcome! Picked a shitty time to return, kinda like myself. Although in my case I "threw away" 5 years of my life playing paintball, coming home with bloody welts and stained clothes before I finally made the transition to airsoft and then ...Covid. I've attended 2 games and none since. But as you mentioned it gives us all time to gear up and improve our conditioning so what the heck. Here's to hoping this year allows us all to get out there on the field and kick some ass.
  4. L85a1 for sentimental reasons? Royal marine maybe? I Also plan to get one eventually for sentimental reasons too.💂‍♂️👍
  5. Any owners of guns with PDW stocks know if a battery this size will fit in my Ronin TK 45c? 
    Battery measurements are 100 x 22 x 20. Rifle hasn't arrived yet but I want to get a battery ready and I keep hearing about the limited space of PDW stocks  cheers🤙



    1. Venomous


      I use an Airtech Studios tanker stock extension - it swallows up a 2600mAh 11.1 LiPo. That runs all day for me.



    2. SLACK_JAW


      Thanks, Definitely on my radar.

  6. @JanisWelcome! Picked a crappy time to start airsoft since almost every local/field is closed due to Covid. But the plus side is; you can spend this time building a loadout!
  7. That could be worth trying. I just so happen to have a random rug in my room that serves no real purpose.👌
  8. Thanks for the response fellas. @Shamal Yeah, leaving paintballing was pretty easy. Less bruises, less cleaning and Airsoft is way cooler when it comes to personalization.🤙 lol about the housemates. I decided to just plink with the TV up. The gun with the suppressor on is also not as loud as I thought apparently so everyone is cool with me plinking indoors. My room is pretty hollow so the sound echoes making it seem a lot louder than it actually is. @Albiscuit I actually plink pretty often since I work from home. Whenever I'm bored I just end up shooting some targets I've bought or made.
  9. Hi there, first post in this forum. I'm a paintballer who recently converted to Airsoft and am enjoying the perks of the sport including Indoor plinking. Just wondering how you guys go about mitigating some of the noise the IFs make. Since I'm new to the sport I was recommended by friends to go for an affordable and reliable AEG, platform such as the ARP-9 or the Firehawk M4 ( Both are extremely loud guns). I removed the flash hider from my firehawk and replace it with a foam filled suppressor which has reduced the noise a lot but has anyone here used soundproofing material such as foam pane
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