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  1. Santa Muerte, lady of Holy death patch. Also blew £425 on something very special that should be coming next week.
  2. Unless things have changed since I last travelled abroad I was able to transport airsoft RIFS, paintball guns and even real katana swords and blades when I travelled to and from Japan. I had to declare the weapons to customs to which they sealed the gear in bags with a ribbon attached that states they are potential weapons, also the seal is to remain undisturbed throughout the journey. The only item I was not able to transport was a Tanto short sword as they deemed it a concealable weapon. Everything else went smoothly as long as everything was declared prior. No documentation needed.
  3. Hey respect there man. I appreciate that and apologies for being a dick to you.
  4. Took the words right out of my mouth there.
  5. Dunno it seems kinda odd when a 50+ year old posts memes lol. Just makes me smile.
  6. True story, I saw that thread and was about to make a comment when it was active and ultimately chose not to. I saw a number of you commenting about dealing with depression and taking a number of anti-depressants for it. In my case I don't take anything I just vape to calm my mood. I don't feel isolated or lonely since I live with flat mates and am around family constantly my main issue is lack of empathy and anger. This brought on by the way society is headed. I 100% have an issue. It was clear to me when my Dad noticed my change. Invited me out for a quick Nando's
  7. So those are imaginary gentlemen I show up with at any airsoft event. Bro, Shouldn't that scare you a whole lot, that I am able to wilfully manifest these individuals into the physical realm. Imagine what other supernatural feats I am capable of. I wish I could wilfully manifest some sense into some of you folks.
  8. No it's mainly frustration. I admittedly have little to no tolerance for blatant displays of ignorance and stupidity. Alienating is the aftermath of that. My friends in real life will tell you, the direction this world and society is going, especially lately has made me a lot more hostile these days. There are times where I feel like I am surrounded by idiots including ones in my own family. - addressing your first point: that sure as hell doesn't include me. - If my girlfriend left me for an older guy I would fall to my knees and worship that man as a
  9. So then you're as stupid as the last tin foil hat wearing dunce, skara. But I'm willing to bet in your case you're likely over 40 to 50 years old so you look even worse. Skara is around my age. So his stupidity can be forgiven somewhat there's still time for that absolute dunce of a human to learn something
  10. @Skara You don't have to explain yourself anymore I've already arrived at my conclusion when it comes to you. You do not want that response on this forum. I gave you more than enough time to explain yourself Over and Over and you think like some weasel you're gonna slide in a comment when I'm out to save face? I don't want to read another word from you. I'm convinced you don't even know your left foot from your fucking right. Stop responding I'm done. You're done. You had more than enough time. It's over.
  11. Moderators can go ahead and delete my account. 👍
  12. Along with the same characters in the same ol story.
  13. Oof! Mah feelins.........I'll miss our interactions. After all I did "learn" so much😥
  14. The hilarious part is that Nobody was wrong up until the CM raider vs The CM FireHawk portion of this debate. Extreme circumstances where the difference in millimetres is an actual factor in range.
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