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  1. So Day 1 of isolation, and day 10000000000 or something of lockdown in general, and I'm board. Whilst waiting for my new project rifle to come, and under orders not to spend any more money, I got jealous of the way real-steal ammo comes in nice neat boxes while we get ours in bottles and bags.
  2. Snapped up a genuine Eagle Industries drag bag, which looks as good as new, for £80 including postage off fleabay. Christmas has come early, now if i can just get the cats to leave it alone.
  3. Here is a ghille suit base I'm currently working on. I need to add some mag pouches for my M40a3, and possibly a small GP pouch to the top, and I need to put some knee padding the shock cord grid and some braces on the trousers. I can't decided wether or not to put pockets on the back of the thighs on the trousers or not. Then I can start ghillieing it up. *** WARNING *** Anyone who has an affliction against mixing cameo should not scroll down. I'm not buying A-TACS 500d nylon for the small bits I need, and I already had the Multicam.
  4. +1 for the Lightfighter site at the old Union Carbide factory in Sheffield, I still love that site even after welding a live bb grenade to my hand after accidentally bumping the striker umping out the back of an APC at a Sterling weekender.
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