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  1. I've got my eyes on a G&P Free Float Recoil System, and I was just wondering what you guys think of them? Is the recoil system any good? That's my main concern. Thanks!
  2. I figured that all the edge series weapons are basically the same performance wise since they all have the same internals. And I love how the one I linked looks. The BAW I'm not a huge fan of how it looks, but I would love to have a recoil system.
  3. Hello! So I'm stuck between two rifles. On one hand, there's the Specna Arms edge series which I will link below. Solid internals and externals, amazing price, looks great and has everything I need: https://bbguns4less.co.uk/products/specna-arms-sa-e11-edge-river-rock-arms-carbine-in-black.html?utm_source=instocknotify&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=instocknotify But on the other hand there is the Lonex with a built in recoil system. I absolutely love recoil systems and for this price, it's hard to say no. Does anyone know much about this specific rifle? It's difficult to find
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