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    This is the kind of gun that really doesn’t need an introduction. If you’re looking to build a DMR, or just want the be envy of all of your friends, then this is the one for you. It is extremely well built, shoots with the TM precision and accuracy we have all come to know, and is just so damn cool. The package includes: TM HK417 – £640 600 round hi-cap x2 – £70 Tasmanian Tiger double mag pouch (multicam) – £30 Total – £740 Although not pictured, I do still have the original box which it will be in. The gun has been converted to mini tamiya and does not come with the original battery. I’ve only ever run it on little 7.4 Lipos and have never had any issues. It has been skirmished a couple of times and so isn’t pristine, but then that’s what we have these for. Because of the size and weight I wouldn’t really want to ship this, not to mention that I don’t have a suitable box to put it in. I would be happy to meet mid way though. I’m selling this wanting to get into an HPA system. I would be interested in swaps for an MTW/Tippmann (tank, line, reg also needed) with cash either way depending on the package.


    Nottingham - GB

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