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  1. Hello, I'm fixing to try out a new site this weekend. The next closest two me are Driver Wood or Dog Tag. Any strong views as to which to try first? Thanks!
  2. Thanks guys, this is all helpful stuff. I have a madbull rail and it doesnt "quite" fit the receiver - but its perfectly firm and unless you are completely OCD about straight lines (I am, I once took a spirit level over our house and convinced myself it was going to fall down!) its not noticeable. As Speedbird says - probably play till break and go from there.
  3. Hey chaps. Its possible that I might want to change the receiver on my Specna M4 build. the stock one is Daniel Defense licensed which is nice but I’m not sure what the metal work is but it feels pretty flimsy and is quite light too. im aware that one cannot assume cross compatibility but If I was looking for a really good quality sturdy receiver set, where would I look? cheers!
  4. Licensed Daniel Defense mk18 changed to m4A1 with madbull rail with gratuitous m203 TM MEU 1911
  5. Specna licensed DD mk18 upgraded to M4A1 spec with madbull rail and gratuitous M203 TM MEU 1911
  6. Nice one! You lucked out there given the asking price! funny though, saw a few people complaining about the contents of their mystery boxes. Which I don’t get. People seemed offended if they didn’t get one of the specials. 🙄
  7. Thanks chaps, this is very helpful. I'm not looking to be different per se - rather its more of a question of I like X stock but you cant get that with Y rail. Sounds like base and upgrade is the way forward - which is kind of where I was leaning. Thanks all!
  8. I like things to be slightly "off standard" - in the sense of I like bits from some things and not others. My last few guitars, for example, have all been "partscasters" and somewhat hybrid like - mixing pickup types and that sort of thing. I have a mind to build up a gun in a similar vein - rail from this, stock from that - and of course upgraded internals. What I don't have a sense of is how economical or safe it is to build from a set of parts - as against buying a complete gun and upgrading. It will be an M4 - but looking into things I tend to see that although some manufacturers claim to be v2 compliant etc, you can run up against compatibility issues. So I wonder is it safe to buy a load of different parts - or is it better to start from a base and work from there? BTW I will probably get a tech to put it together ( I have neither the time nor expertise at this point) so its just a compatibility and fit issue I am concerned about. I dont want to spend money on good parts to find that they don't actually work together! Any thoughts? Thanks!
  9. Hi guys, Im pretty sure the answer to this is “yes” but I want to reassure myself in the context of my local field (tried for first time today). As per my post in the noobs forum a week or so ago, I’m returning to the sport after a good many years lay-off. My local site was good fun with a good crowd and friendly folk which was great. I had to hire obviously and it was a Nuprol Delta M4. Seemed perfectly serviceable though accuracy a little wild with the .25 bbs I had. the field is made up of various woodland areas and a village. the village is very compact indeed with small buildings all very close together. the woodland is quite dense and frankly there wasn’t much open space much longer than 30 meters (that said I got sniped a few times!) what really struck me was that it would seem to pay to have as short a barrel as possible - first because the village setting was clearly CQB and secondly frankly it was a bit tiring lugging a longer style rifle around all day without a sling. if barrel length on the whole does not really make a difference - would I really find myself out ranged by other AEGs in woodland if I went with a PDW? (Which I really like the look of). presumably one can always get a mock surpressor and longer inner barrel if needs be?
  10. Thanks so much chaps. Good to know I am on the right track! Can I ask one question please about the EVO? It seems to get more or less universal love but when I spoke to a couple of shops last week, I got some pretty negative feedback - one store indeed (can't remember which one) actually said they are not going to stock them anymore as they've been badly burned funding the warranty as they have had so many returns. I can't quite square the love it seems to get with what appears to be the retailer experience. If I did decide to go down that route, I assume based on the above that I would not see any real difference in performance between the carbine or the regular sized? I think the internals are all the same? Thanks! Jeremy
  11. Hello everyone, My old school friends and I back in the late 90s all had spring/gas guns and we all used to have informal games at my mates house which had its own lake and woodland. That was all great until someone got a paper round and turned up one day with an AEG and ruined it for the rest of us! Alongside that I was in the army cadets at school and also did a fair bit of paintball. Long story short, running around playing soldier was a big part of my late teens. 20 years and 4 children later - I worked out I really needed a new outlet - something to get me out of the house for a good few hours every now and then. I thought about it and thought, you know what, I'd love to give airsoft a try again. As there are a few game areas near by - I thought I'd give it a try and I've booked my first session on 29 August. On the assumption that it all goes well - clearly I'll be wanting to get my own weapons etc (i've already bought some clothing because... I can't wait 2 months and not buy anything!). I've done a fair bit of browsing and just wanted to see if some of the tentative conclusions I have made are true as - remembering how I used to play both with my mates and in Paintball (tending to hang back and "snipe") I want to make sure I approach this the right way to make sure I get the most out of it - and also don't act like and eejit first game back. My current thoughts are: 1. AEG's seem to be much of a muchness out of the box and, whilst there is endless tinkering that can be done - provided you buy a recognised brand with good components - these things are likely all going to perform around the same level. Is that fair? 2. As much as your Silo's and Novritch's make good money off their channels, it seems to me (remembering my live firing days from cadets) that in reality these guys are probably not *really* shooting that much further with their souped up bolt guns as guys with good AEG's are - and once you take account of minimum engagement distances, unless you like lying on the floor a lot - it seems like you would probably have more fun with an AEG and no restrictions, than you would in the "sniper" role with a bolt gun. Not sure if thats a bit controversial - but given what appear to be the standard field layouts for most walk up open play sites, it seems to me like the whole sniper thing is more for the cameras than it is for the average gameplay? 3. It seems like for an AEG quality of Hop Up has a lot more to do with accuracy than barrel length and an SMG sized gun (MP5, EVO) will not be any less accurate or have any less range than a full length M4 if all internal parts were the same. So, if you are just looking to get a good performing AEG - provided the internals are adequate - the rest is cosmetics. Is that fair? 4. It looks like from what I have seen that, provided I'm ok personally with turning up on my own and am prepared to be friendly and say "hi" I wont have any trouble enjoying my first game back. Any hints/tips for etiquette on one's first day? Thanks everyone!
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