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  1. Time Left: 4 days and 11 hours

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    ASG CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, beautiful full metal GBB pistol with three gas tight magazines, rarely used so all in excellent condition, very few light marks and working perfectly. This is a later model with uprated, harder wearing slide catch so you can expect plenty of mileage from it. Price includes postage and PayPal.



  2. Time Left: 4 days and 11 hours

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    SOLD! Specna orion v2 gearbox, nice condition, with screws and bearing spring guide £25 delivered. SOLD! JG V2 gearbox, hard as nails! nice condition with screws £20 delivered. SOLD! Specna Rock River Arms metal M4 receiver set, grey, great condition, with switches, body pins etc, salient trigger guard, titanium maxx mag release button, £50 delivered. SOLD! Maxx titanium adjustable trigger £15 delivered. SOLD! Geissele M-Lock 9.5 inch rail, black, polymer, great condition, with screws, barrel nut, spacing shims, qd sling mount, salient T bar hand stop. £45 delivered. SOLD! SOLD! PTS centurion arms (I believe) 10.3 inch outer barrel, 14mm ccw, great quality and condition, £25 delivered. SOLD! Aac 3 prong steel flash hider 14mm ccw with spacing ring and crush washer, excellent quality and condition, £20 delivered. SOLD! Specna (I believe) buffer tube with nut, screw and sling plate, great condition, £15 delivered. SOLD! SOLD! PTS enhanced polymer stock, great condition, £40 delivered SOLD! SOLD! PTS magpul asap sling plate, black, great condition, £25 delivered. SOLD! SOLD! PTS magpul mbus iron sights, black, as new, £40 delivered. SOLD! PTS magpul motor grip, black, great condition, £25 delivered. SOLD! PTS magpul moe butt pad, as new, £15 delivered. SOLD! SOLD! PTS enhanced polymer grip, black, great condition £18 delivered. SOLD! SOLD! PTS enhanced iron sights, black, great condition, £40 delivered. SOLD! Krytac dust cover assembly, black, brand new in packaging £15 delivered. (not pictured, I maxed out how many pictures I can upload) I will split, combine, consider swaps and sensible offers, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.



  3. I didnt shortstroke on the 13:1 or 12:1, I checked all teeth are present and correct which is more than can be said for my own! Checked bevel teeth too, both have 10. I considered that maybe could be an issue with the u22000, it looks legit unless guts had been swapped so also tried the jg blue with the 12:1 for comparison and got the same rof. I wasn't expecting a dramatic gain in rps but a gain nonetheless. Certainly not a drop! It was as much to experiment and learn than anything else. I appreciate that the fet might skim a little but the
  4. 15.6 rps now 🤷‍♂️ I'm giving up for the night. I think I might revert back to 13:1 🙄
  5. Okay, I think I've found the culprit! Shimming seems bang on until I pop the cylinder set in, the Tappet plate presses against the sector gear, I'm assuming that with the gearbox closed it's squeezing against the sector and creating drag, there are marks on the Tappet to suggest this. It also explains why there is some deliberate play in the sector gear until I complete the gearbox fully then none at all. I've tweaked the shimming all round to allow the tiniest amount of clearance and still maintain good meshing, sector and spur are as close as can be without touching and bevel is still bang o
  6. Thanks, I'm opening it back up! I'll take another .05 off each gear and give it a whirl 😬
  7. Since the screen shot, temps have risen to mid 20s
  8. When I shimmed I had the tiniest amount of play on each gear, less than .05mm (I thought it would allow for them to roll a little better) I noticed that after putting the gearbox together completely, there was zero play with the sector. I don't know if that might flag anything? Okay, update, freshly charged 1450mah 30c 7.4. Rps up to 16, still not as much as I was getting with 13.1 and the jg blue 🤷‍♂️ Amp draw seems quite high? I've attached a screenshot with the details...
  9. Thanks for your response dude. The battery seemed good, around 7.9v but I'm charging it fully as we speak, I did try two, both almost full and got the same result. Spring is the same, I've not checked fps, the gearbox is only in the lower at the moment. I didn't count all teeth, the bevel has 10 and sector has 16
  10. Good afternoon fabulous people! So, I have just finished finished tweaking my gun, I changed out the jg blue for the usg 22000 and shs 13:1 for shs 12:1, I was expecting a very slight increase in rof however it's actually dropped from around 17 to 13rps!? I have carefully reshimmed, everything else is as it was, no aeo correction was needed, im using a decent spec 7.4. My mosfet is telling me the amp draw on semi is around 22 and auto around 16 which seems okay? I can't for the life of me figure out what might have gone wrong. Might anyone have any ideas?

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    UTG Circle Dot Reflex Sight. Designed for real steel, solid, robust and accurate. Very clear green or red circle dot reticle, multiple brightness settings, parallax. Brand new, unused, pristine condition, in original packaging complete with instructions, cleaning cloth and batteries. Only taken out for the photo. £75 delivered. UTG 3x flip to side magnifier. Designed for real steel, solid, robust, very clear and accurate. Brand new, unused, pristine condition, in original packaging complete with instructions, cleaning cloth and lens covers. Only taken out for the photo. £75 delivered.


    Robertsbridge - GB

  12. So which have the 15mm nozzle? The FNX looks pretty sweet as well!
  13. Interesting analogy 🤷‍♂️ I expected TM to come out on top for most. I didn't consider that there might be differences in size of the reservoirs 🤔
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