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  1. I'm still new to Airsoft myself I honestly thought it was a "universal term" however I think you are correct. I spoke to a few people and where I play (The Grange) in Coventry they use it to identify by using a single band of tape or double band on the rif. Thinking it was a universal term across the board I was going to ask what makes something single or double band. Now I know I'll get a more clear answer from the sight haha. Thank yourself and everyone else that commented, even if I did confuse some of you
  2. I did a search online and searched on here too, couldn't find anything. Can anyone explain what these two terms mean? ( the single and double bands that is) Thank you
  3. Thanks man, I was looking at buying the 3x Vortex but my mate steered me away from that and told me about Vision King. I took his recommendation and pulled the trigger. 1.25-5x magnification. This one has a German styled reticle. I think it was around £80 for the optics and £20 for the QD base plate. I think eventually I will grab a couple of Vortex, cant complain about that warranty haha
  4. Were they still doing the minimum spend limit? Glad you got your stuff quick with no issues. I ended up going second hand for the SVU. I am actually glad I did, I honestly thought I preferred the tan variant of the RIF. After placing the scope on top, I really like how this thing looks. From what the guy that sold it me said, was that it was skirmished a couple of times, and he has left it stock. It is currently shooting .20 at approximately 280fps (These readings were really inconsistent and not sure I trust it....found the RIF wanted to double feed quite a bit during this also). I then went for .25 to chrono. Really glad I did this as, it was shooting around 250. Cant remember what exactly it was, but I know it deviated 2-3 fps higher or lower but at least it was a consistent reading and one I could trust. Doing this also eradicated the double feeding issue, not sure why (if anyone can help me with that I would be appreciative ). I have got it down to where I have got out the inner barrel and hop up out of its frame. Not touched a gear box or motor before so don't really want to go that far, So I think I am going to start looking at changing parts towards the end of this month. I am going to have a game with it on the 9th, should be a good laugh. I'll keep updating just in case this helps someone else also.
  5. So today is the day the trigger was pulled. I am now a proud owner of a CYMA SVU. Managed to find one second hand for a good price. Got hold of a 1.25 -5x Visionking sight. Got to admit, I thought I preferred it in tan until I got the scope attached. Game day on the 9th and start seeing what work, if any needs doing.
  6. Just wondering if there will ever be and app for AFUK? Or if there is one. I had a look but couldn't find nothing.
  7. Yeah, I was going to correct myself there. Shame that is the only option on delivery
  8. Also is Taiwan gun still having shipping issues? The real reason why I don't want to buy from there atm. Unless it's all sorted now.
  9. Cheers for the response. Just not finding much online about it. I'll probably still pick it up and just find out the hard way haha. If I pick it up, I'll do a few updates about it. Might help someone out
  10. Looking at buying the CYMA SVU. Does anyone know how upgradeable these are? looking at making it a DMR platform and want to build on it over time. Any recommendations to look at too would be appreciated. link for specific RIF: https://www.defconairsoft.co.uk/product/cyma-svu-bullpup-full-metal-cm057c-tan/
  11. @Rogerborg I was so shocked when I opened the box, I feel like its something they should put in the description of the item. I paid for the two tone service too. They refunded it but yeah as a first time buyer and not 100% on the rules it was a bit daunting. Then I came to the forums and you wonderful people have filled me with knowledge. Yeah, them bull pups aye, love the look of the TAR but agree on the looks of them can be deceiving.
  12. I think I will be highly gutted if I left a match with out a welt haha.
  13. That is not good. Its no excuse but maybe it's because they only 30 players on the field at the moment that they are doing the random chrono? That's no good though, where do you play now?
  14. @Rogerborg Yeah, I was proper sceptical at first being my first gun and all. I got them to send it me in writing too just so I can reference back to a UKARA licenced store rather than just my own word. It's nuts how the law and legislations work with airsoft. Glad they're in place so we can do what we do, but they dont make it simple haha. I guess it's not helped with guns that are not replicas etc
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