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  1. @Rogerborg I was so shocked when I opened the box, I feel like its something they should put in the description of the item. I paid for the two tone service too. They refunded it but yeah as a first time buyer and not 100% on the rules it was a bit daunting. Then I came to the forums and you wonderful people have filled me with knowledge. Yeah, them bull pups aye, love the look of the TAR but agree on the looks of them can be deceiving.
  2. I think I will be highly gutted if I left a match with out a welt haha.
  3. That is not good. Its no excuse but maybe it's because they only 30 players on the field at the moment that they are doing the random chrono? That's no good though, where do you play now?
  4. @Rogerborg Yeah, I was proper sceptical at first being my first gun and all. I got them to send it me in writing too just so I can reference back to a UKARA licenced store rather than just my own word. It's nuts how the law and legislations work with airsoft. Glad they're in place so we can do what we do, but they dont make it simple haha. I guess it's not helped with guns that are not replicas etc
  5. The Grange in Coventry is where I witnessed them
  6. My weight! Hahahaha I move slow and twice as easy to shoot. My recent first airsoft game taught me this. Also running into cover and tripping over hurts....so running is another weakness
  7. @Rogerborg yeah the place I went too, they got everyone to chrono with what they was using. Then random chrono'd 2 or 3 players at the end of each game.
  8. @mightyjebus Thank you man, seems like a bit of money well spent. Good to know the FFCS is actually decent
  9. @mightyjebus I just pulled the trigger on the longer version of this gun. The M904A. I will assume it has the same build quality that yours has.....assume or hope...either one haha. I thank you for all the descriptions
  10. @Adolf Hamster your explanation covers it so well in the post. I feel like a lot new airsoft players would gain a ton of knowledge from that (like myself). It also gives you an understanding on what upgrades you will need and how they will affect the gun too as I am not brushed up on upgrades and parts. Feel like I just got a Airsoft + BB degree haha. Thank you
  11. I never thought they'll travel further to be honest. In my head it's added weight or size to the same internal firing mechanism would have a detrimental effect to the distance the projectile would go. I'll give your linked post a read though. I have seen some of your posts and comments. You seem to know a fair deal and appreciate your reply That makes sense, I guess a universal method of testing makes sure no one misunderstands or tries to find grey areas etc.
  12. Does most site only allow you to chrono with 1 size BB then? Only asking because the site I played would chrono you for your preferred choice and re chrono if you wanted a change. I have only had the 1 skirmish game so sorry if this is common knowledge.
  13. Appreciate the replies, they all make perfect sense too. I guess there isnt really a wrong answer it. @AK47frizzle full auto buck shot sounds devastating haha
  14. I was on Patrol Base looking for a gun to buy. (I did buy one ) but I came across a common theme on their specifications for the guns I was viewing. So I am not sure how consistent this is with their shop but it brought a question to my mind. Why do they test their guns with 0.20 BBs and give the statistical data on the gun based on this, but then say they recommend a 0.25? Would it not make sense to use what you would recommend? or give the data of both BBs? I did try and find this question in the forums but nothing come up so thought ill ask it myself.
  15. @Nick G Sorry its been a while to reply. However, I have now played my first skirmish and loved it. I can see why single fire or burst fire is more appreciated over the full auto. I have decided to spray all mine tan now to match the attachments. I just bought a new gun though, more of an m4 platform for ease of life I guess. Just got the Double Eagle m904a Honey Badger. The Falcon Fire Control System sounds like fun.
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