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  1. Thanks for the help and warm welcome, I think you also posted on my first post I remember saying a few things on a Bushcraft forum when I first started with that that was controversial and my views on that now are the opposite end of the scale. A bit of experience will go a long way. Out of interest and for my awareness which elements of his sportsmanship are considered to be controversial? I have the local sports ringmakred and will be visiting them after a bit more of the dust has settled with them just reopening. I've had a read about UKARA and my local sites have shops. I have a set of Bolle clear goggles with black frames which I use for Winter Night Navigation to keep the snow out but aid visibility. I wonder if they will be good enough, I'll take them with me. Are there many Milsims that would allow for sniping/recognisance working in a small team etc. Cheers, Steve
  2. Hello all, I'm finding my way into airsoft and like what I have seen on YouTube, I've been watching a lot of kicking mustang etc. I have a background in Bushcraft and have worked as an outdoor Instructor for the past 10 years, I've worked all over the world from Antarctica to America. I'm also an ex-reservist. I already have the skillset to live comfortably outdoors, navigate and move through environments unnoticed. After watching the YouTube videos I really like the idea of gaining experience to attend Mil Sim like events as a sniper using camouflage and concealment, ghillie suits etc. Ideally someone that lives in the field under a tarp at night, working on my own or in a small group with radio communication carrying out reconnaissance, being in point position for a section and or targeting certain people. Does the type of play exist where I would have this opportunity? Cheers, Steve.
  3. Hello, Is anyone else in North Wales. I'm looking forward to getting to Over The Top and Shock and Awe. I'm an outdoor instructor who's done a decent amount of time living outdoors so MilSims appeal to me as spending 24/48/72 hours outside is familiar to me. I'm also an ex Army Reservist so have military experience. In September I'm retraining into Software Development where I'll be doing a Masters so I'm also looking to join the Bangor Airsoft Society. Steve
  4. Hello, i've been watching a few videos on YouTube and i'm looking to get into Airsoft. I'm currently living in Porthmadog.
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