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  1. Kevj

    Gg Sr15 Running in

    I thought so, it's like a lazer at 20m, will have to wait for site to open again to fully test. Thanks for the advice. Kev
  2. Kevj

    Gg Sr15 Running in

    That's mad. Accuracy seems spot on 5 round bursts hitting 10cm target at 20m Could it be this G&G has a much better range and I am not seeing the effect of the hopup before they hit the target? Kev
  3. Just a quick question, am running in my new G&G SR15, does the barrel need a clean from new and does the Hopup take time to bed in as when over adjusted it does not seem to send BBs upwards like my old AEG did? Cheers Kev
  4. It works! If took five attempts, but got there in the end. Thanks for your assistance, the instructions tell you you start in Semi Auto first and dont mention pulling the trigger first! Kev
  5. Thanks that's a great answer, I will try again tonight and let you know. Great bit of kit though, the fire rate with an 11.2v Lipo is mad, hence why I want to lock it at 5 round burst!! Anyone used one if these in the field yet? Kev
  6. Hello thanks for your advice. There has been a major upgrade with a beep to let you know when you have changed the setting, I can get a three round burst and back to full auto with a beep after each, but cant crack five shot burst, there is a video on line but I cant seem to get mine to do it! Kev
  7. Hello I have just recieved my G&G SR15 Mod 2 M-lok I can get the trigger Mosfet set to full auto and there round burst, but moving the fire selector 5 times from semi to full auto does not seem to set 5 round burst, any idea what I'm doing wrong!!
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