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  1. That video is hilarious 😂 Seems like theres issues with everything.. And I'm going to have to be fair to you and apologise but you might be right in me just getting a stock gun (other than hop rubber) and see how I feel as to how I go about improving it. Think I've just got carried away with upgrading, which started as just hop rubber until I watched the video of the Joker/Black Panther builds as just assumed that is what I want...
  2. Is that from experience? Theres a lot of positives being said about the avalon series and that the gun is also a lot easier to upgrade. Downside is magazine compatability
  3. My old VFC was from 2015 a lot has changed since then. But thanks for a great response
  4. So been having a look around a bit more and still think the KWA is the one to go for but, has anyone seen/used or have experience of the PTS VFC Virgo mk1?
  5. I play mainly at Anzio, a mix of large open space and cqb buildings, My vfc's rate of fire was quite slow so from watching videos on the kwa I want to up it from 20-22 as stated a stock gun should have a range of to around 30. Would a gate titan do this alone or would it need the gears to be changed from probably 18:1 stock to 16:1 or lower? Probably use .28's I was hoping that this gun would be popular and that people would have already done what I'm trying to do, hence why I've come to a forum. I would imagine this gun would be similar to the kwa tk45 internally so hoping someone would have said 'I've do this to my kwa and got this response from the upgrade' Or TBF just change the xyz and you should be good to go until something breaks...... Seems like I've entered the wrong thread.. And if I had not given the right info at the start then it would have been better to ask what I'm after rather than just give abuse
  6. No it's not for safe zone cool points..🙄😴 Forget I even bothered... I am pretty sure it was quite clear in my initial question but some people just cant seem to get a grasp of that obviously!!! Thanks to those who actually offered useful advise or alternatives, dont know why others even bothered commenting......
  7. I've seen the Joker/Black panther builds which look great but neither gun mentioned anything about the hop up unit or barrel. The main reason for asking all this is because I will be paying a tech to do it, whilst it's open and he's setting it up I am just thinking it would be best to get all the stuff done at once rather than getting it back and going 'actually I wished I'd done this ...' just seeking advise from others that may have this gun and already done or going through this process.
  8. I've seen a lot of videos on upgrades on this gun (also KWA upgrading this gun) and read a few posts of people who own the gun and started doing the upgrades and saying it has made it better. I am merely looking for advise from more sources so I can get the best out of it that I can. I'm not changing the motor as I've seen the performance difference between that, a high torque and high speed and prefer the results of the standard motor. I havent seen much about hop ups other than it is proprietary so dont know how that would work as standard or to actually change it. If you dont actually have any information or have this gun or used this gun please feel free to not actually post a comment at all.
  9. Not really into recoil but will spend a bit of time looking at the info provided, and would definitely have to change that front end, hate the M4 front... Thanks
  10. Thanks for the advice on mix n match 👍
  11. Thanks for a good bit of feedback. I used to have a VFC hk416 cqb which I just sold, I found that the range on that wasnt particularly brilliant and was kind of noisy in operation as well. I'm new to upgrades as I left my old gun completely stock. I know I want a higher rof (change gears) and was thinking of the gate titan as the KWA is drop in ready so whilst it's open was thinking I might as well drop everything in at the same time but having never upgraded a gun wouldn't know where to start and where to stop.
  12. Not exactly very helpful or informative... Do you have one, have you done anything to it, what have you kept, what have you changed!!!
  13. Not exactly very helpful or informative... Do you have one, have you done anything to it, what have you kept, what have you changed!!!
  14. About to buy a kwa vm4 t6. I've read that it is a great gun out of the box other than the hop rubber, although apparently it can be alright after putting a mag of bb's through it. Thinking of changing the following, Dropping in a gate titan advance, new gears, new trigger, new hop rubber, new piston and piston head. 1) is it worth it on this gun 2) is it worth changing the hop up, barrel and or spring whilst I've gone this far Whilst I dont mind spending the money I dont want to change something that is actually worth keeping. Overall looking for increased rof, fps to be stable at 330/350 for site limits and a good range. Thanks for any advice
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