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  1. Thanks for the idea I did itand it created a small gap to let me see that there was a plate around the back and figure out how to do it which it use a flat head screwdriver and gently lever it forward from the receiver. It was binding on the mock gas tube. Added a photo for reference just incase anyone else has this issue.
  2. Hi can anyone help me with solving how to remove the handguard from the Specna Arms SA-V38 (Sailent Arms GRY). I have looked for screws around the outside but can't find any and I have also pulled the pin at the bottom and lifted the catch in the hope that is how you get it off like on the real version but it doesn't want to budge and I don't want to break it. The reason I want to remove the handguard is so I can clean the outter barrel before having a go at painting the rifle. If anyone knows how to remove the handguard I would very much appreciate the info on how
  3. Thanks guys for the help I have ordered from ak2m4.co.uk these parts hoping that I can get it working right for this coming Sunday game at Apocalypse. SHS (RA) M4 Cylinder Head Aluminium (Pad) SHS (RA) Piston Head (Double O-Ring Aluminium) Rocket 15 Tooth Piston
  4. Hi guys I bought a used G&G Armament CM16 LMG which I chronographed last night and was only shooting at 230fps 0.56 joules and decided to change the spring over to a Element M95 spring which got it to roughly 295fps and 0.9 joules. So decided to have a go at Shimming it and also give it a clean up and check stuff. I found that the cylinder and piston wasn't really holding air pressure properly but I am not sure what Cylinder head and such to replace it with. I did try cleaning the old grease off and applied new grease but it only seems a bit better so I would like to replace the parts.
  5. @Rogerborg thanks very much for the help I will give it a go with the velcro and hopefully it will stop being a pain in the neck. Apart from that issue I'm loving using it and had a blast on Sunday with it at Apocalypse which was the 1st time I got to use it.
  6. Hi guy can anyone give me an idea to what is causing this problem. I bought some Bolt mid cap magazines for my ARP 556 which is brand new and unless the magazine in pulled back towards the grip it won't fire any BB's out if I eject the magazine it drops about 4 BB's. If the magazine if slightly forward it won't fire any BB's if I use the hi cap magazine it works fine.
  7. Hi guys I have a friend that I have started playing airsoft with that has to work every Sunday and was looking for sites that do Saturday games. We have played at Apocalypse in Kent and also Battle station activity centre in Snetterton which was a long drive 2.5 hours. Is there anywhere around Kent or London that does Saturday games that adults can play as Apocalypse only do under 18 games on Saturday which is a pain. As we are both way past that age point 😂
  8. Thanks guys for the help and suggestions I will look at getting the MK23 too.
  9. was just wanting to get a it a little quiter for when playing CQB and needing to be a bit of a Sneaky SOB as I know I was getting spotted easier because of the noise from the hog. If the Silent piston heads are not that good would you recommend something else ? One day I might be able to get a HPA but if I was to even attempt it at the moment I would be dead lol.
  10. Hi Me and a friend have ICS CXP HOG aeg's and was wanting to make them a bit quiter we are interested in purchasing the following parts SHS M4 Cylinder Head Aluminium (Silent) SHS Piston Head Silent (Aluminium) SHS Tappet Plate (V2) SHS M4 Aluminium Nozzle Double O-Ring (21.4mm) SHS 16:1 Gears SHS Stainless Steel Cylinder (3/4) We were wondering if this would be a good setup along with what upgrades we have already carried out which are Maple leaf super macaroon hop rubber & omega hop up tensioner, Maple leaf crazy jet inner barrel (260mm long), M95 Spring cut
  11. Purchased a WE GP1799 and all I can say is what a nice guy to buy from. Couldn't have asked for more and the pistol was absolutely perfect.

  12. Thanks for the information @EDcase I quite like the goggles and at a decent price too. in your honest opinion which make would you say would be best for the upgradeability ? Thanks @Steveocee I didn't realise that the barrel lengths didn't have an effect on the rifles like they do on real firearms. Where did you get your Heroshark specs from ? Is there any particular AEG that you would recommend with the type of barrel length that I am looking for that is good for upgrades at a later date ? @Steveocee
  13. Hi all been lurking on here for the past couple of days reading and researching but still don't have my gun and won't do till the lockdown is finished and I can get the 1st few games underway with to get my UKARA. I live in the Kent area a stones throw from the Apocalypse site, so maybe I will get to meet some of you when I get to go. I have been looking at AEG's and whilst I love the G&P Salient Arms SAI GRY M4 (Short) (Yep another one who loves the film 13 Hours) I was also looking at a few others that are of a similar style but I am not sure as I have read so man
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