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  1. Seen a thread like this ages ago but thought it would be interesting to see where everyone keeps their pride and joys! All mine can be taken down and locked safely away before anyone says 😂 Give us some inspiration this was what I achieved today..
  2. Ah I know the colour you mean haha! I actually love it! It’s so different but yea you will be a blur to most folk 👀
  3. New headset and foregrip arrived for the crb! 🥰
  4. Its the Long Beach Blue Bmw M colour for the og M2
  5. My other hobby 🤷🏼‍♂️😂
  6. Can anyone recommend any negative thread tracer units under 34 mil in diameter to fit under a krytac crb rail? Cheers!
  7. Do the have the width sorry? Not the length I need it to fit under a krytac rail
  8. Picked up a cheap holographic sight to try on the new krytac..
  9. What’s the outer diameter of the tracer unit?
  10. Cheers mate will have them a look in as well! I like the look of them!
  11. Just interested to see peoples thoughts on mags with this rifle? I have heard the Kwa 120’s are a great fit and have zero feeding issues? Any others that people are running? Looking for mid caps! Cheers stu
  12. oh really? I literally just got them as an add on for an order! I think it’s replace the other barrel since it’s actually cracked and then try new Bbs! Cheers for all the help so far folks!
  13. Iv not tried the first one here ill give that ago if the new outer barrel does not fix it ! Yea everything clicks as it should. Just took it all apart as per a YouTube video and cleaned and lubed all the main parts with abbey silicone oil. I reckon it’s something to do with this damaged outer barrel not letting the slide go fully into place or something. But that’s just a guess
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