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  1. Oh, I couldn't expect to see Korean in this community

    1. AK47frizzle


      personally prefer jpop tbh

  2. No.. It was keypad display unit of Harris
  3. Is there anyone who knows the name of this device?
  4. My Korean Armed force Granite pattern gear This is the latest and completed setting HEAD GEAR Mich 2000 Granite pattern helmet cover Cat eye band Rhino NVG mount & Arm mount PVS-14 BODY Granite pattern JPC Hydration pack Camel bag Triple mag pouch Double pistol mag pouch IFAK Utility pouch Compass pouch PRC-152 Radio pouch TRI PRC-152 w long antenna / Hand mic M2 Artillery compass 5x STANAG 30rd magazine 1x STANAG 20rd magazine 2x Marui G17 magazine UNIFORM Republic of Korea Army Granite pattern uniform Basic belt Treksta 4th gen combat boots ETC Blackhawk! serpa G17 holster
  5. Hi, I'm from Korea. The manufacturer 'Toystar' discontinued producing metal body of K1,2 at 2018. You have to get used one from Korea, also it's quite hard to get.
  6. Daewoo K2 and previous jpc setup

    It's little bit old

    Taken at 2019 Seoul Platoon convention 



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    2. Seongguk


      Wow.. Glad to meet you!

    3. Sniper780


      Welcome to AF,


      You might want to join the Far East Tactical Facebook group they have a few members who do South Korean and North Korean might be of some interest to you 

    4. Seongguk


      Yeah, I know! Already following their instargram acoount. Appreciate it!

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