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  1. Just started and this is exactly what I wanted with the upgrades. Just need to get a UKARA or other defence then I will buy it from you!
  2. Hey! I'm in the same boat, from Whitstable looking to go to Apocalypse to start and get enough for a UKARA. Hopefully ill see you around and get help each other with this new hobby!
  3. Thank you Kindly, This community seems super friendly and helpful. All I've been doing to watching YouTube videos of it and its only wanting me to try it. Yes, renting for the first few matches then start buying my own guns when I get a UKARA card, don't like them two tone guns. No friends I know do this currently so just rent for the time being. No doubt ill be spending weeks of research for what rifle I'll want to get. Face + eye protection wont be cheaped out on. The mesh face masks look like a good investment as I do prefer my teeth in so thanks for that! Be looking at some chest rigs aswell. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I'm from East Kent and a complete newbie in this. Want to get started (after the apocalypse) and using this forum to get started. Doubtful I'll buy a gun yet so will rent for a the few times. Any hints and tips very much appreciated. Chris
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