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  1. Thanks! Got a TM hi capa
  2. Any gun I should maybe buy instead?
  3. So i found this kwc no ehobbyasia, as im often playing with a sniper, a full auto sidearm would be nice. Will love to Get some feedback on this gun, and maybe some tips on What else i should buy. Kwc model 17 THANKS -PiilotDown
  4. Wow, great! Will read it all and try to do as best as i can. Thanks man!
  5. Haven’t done anything with the gun in 5-6 years. That’s why I have to do something now. when you say air seal, what do you mean I should do? Do you have any pictures to describe? I’m pretty green to this all! But I’m pretty sure it did not max out with about 30-40m, with a biiig spread when I first got it. Just assumed all the rubber buckings, nubs etc have failed
  6. yea, I will probably end up with the same combo!
  7. Have also seen the ZCI units, But with that one, i would also need bucking and nub right? yeah, i have seen the MAXX, But like, this King Arms M4 i want to fit all this in, it max at like 40m, with 40cm spread. I just want it to be a bit better. Will also switch to a 7,4V LiPO battery as the old NiMh battery have been unused for 6 years and I don’t think it help the gun shoot good. also I have already ordered a tightbore
  8. So, Been a lot on the internet searching for information regarding switching out the old original hop up, bucking, nub and barrel. what I have found out; there is endless types and styles to choose between. Until now I have found a Prowin m4 style hop up chamber, omega nub 70, and Maple leaf monster 60 bucking diamond. my question is, does anyone have some other opinions, any links, preferred websites to order this from and any general meaning about hop ups styles etc. I’m here to chat! PiilotDown
  9. Wow, great man! Actually was just watching some how to’s on changing out hop up and bucking, as well ass the barrels itself! I will actually just order those parts right now so I can change those out. I also think the King arms M4 was pretty good straight out of the box, but it has been some years since I used it so I would like to just fully upgrade and fix it up good! so thankfull for your help dude! Just bring me some good tips and tricks if you got them! will deffinetly change my hopup and barrel!
  10. Yes, exactly that type. Wired all the way back with a long 8cell 8,4v NiMh! ok, thank a lot! I will check them out and probably just order it, with a LiPo charger and lipobag( I’ve heard you need a charging bag or something) btw, while I got you here, with a nice answer for a kinda beginner. Do you know if I could change my hop-up for something better than what’s in it originally? If not I will just watch a lot of old YouTube vids and try to find out! -Fred
  11. Have found My old NiMh battery to be dead, broken or just f***ed up! i wonder what type of battery should I put in it? Anybody that has this gun with any advice? Also, if you got some links for upgrade parts that would be lovely! thanks! -Fred
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