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  1. Hey folks - I see that defconairsoft have the Tokyo Marui MK18 MOD.1 GBBR in stock along with the Tm mags. For €60 cheaper than I can get locally on a pre order for a mid December delivery maybe. May I ask are they a good company to deal with in your opinion. This may not be the place for this post but I didn’t want to start a new topic and I thought it maybe of interest to some on this thread.
  2. I haven’t sold so I don’t know however can you not bump your own ads by simple putting a message in the advert and submitting Consider the cost and time required to set up and handle payments from the one or two volume sellers Could a limit of say 5 ads be set on an account any ads over that from one individual would require a membership upgrade or at least a fee
  3. Why does this forum not charge large volume sellers anyhow - I am new here but can see a lot of work has and does go on with the forum. These high volume seller are on a win win here for sure - reaping all your hard forum work for no return to the forum. I have seen other forums that have different levels of membership For example - Standard Members can list 5 items per month(free membership) Premium Members can list up 15 items per month(£9.99) Platinum Member - unlimited listing per month(£14.99) If someone i
  4. Can someone please clarify would the attached valve removal tool work with Tm m4a1 mags - Steep at £21 posted - if anyone knows where I could find a compatible one cheaper it would be appreciated!
  5. Tm m4a1 gbbr with a few extra mags
  6. Tm m4a1 gbbr with nuprol case and a few extra mags
  7. Bought from Fire Support - first purchase from them - great service and prompt delivery. Thanks to @Jacket for the info - good deal - Gun and three extras mags - basically got the case free going off what I could find elsewhere.
  8. I have seen a few on here along with your recent acquisition - they are really nice - for the right one £800 with mags is sort off ok - maybe - as the TM M4 gbb is approx £780 shipped to me with 6 mags and a nuprol case. The issue I would have is knowledge - at the moment I wouldn’t know a wrong one. Apologies for going off thread folks
  9. Appreciate the link but for the sake of not much more I would rather buy new - Though I would change my mind for a reasonably priced GBB Vector
  10. Cheapest I could find was from a Spanish company - Airsoft Estartit for €527/£474 plus shipping - anyone have experience with this company
  11. Can someone please advise me where the best price would be currently for the Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS - within UK and Europe, Thanks!
  12. It was recommended to my by another member here - very functional, excellent torch and extremely bright. I would recommend however my son on his first use thought the arm that attaches to your gun/aeg was what turned in on and it fell unto the ground - surprised how much it marked up - powder coating is thin🙈🙈
  13. Just the two I have at the moment
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