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  1. I have no doubt it does happens - very bad form. I wouldn’t want it on my conscious anyhow if some lunatic did something stupid with the RIF I sold them I would be screwed - all for a couple quid😔
  2. Yeah I agree - some people taking the piss. Surprised there are willing/uniformed buyers readily available.
  3. I would consider this chap a frequent seller having 10+ feedbacks - seems like a misleading advert to me - do mods not pull these ads if it’s brought to there attention. Since it wasn’t mentioned in the listing I would be dissatisfied to find out after buying the glue residue/remounting - I didn’t notice it until someone mentioned it - it’s fugly They are two different FPS listed also - seems to be a running theme in the listings I see - ‘never skirmished’ ‘never been out of the house’ ‘only a mag put through it’ ’back garden plinker’ ’only tested’ Bullshit I say - I have one gun three weeks and in that time I have gone through 2 bottles gas and over 3300 bbs🤓
  4. What would be a fair price for this gun and the extras - I have admired this gun on a local website for a while - the seller is looking for full RRP with their asking price - right?
  5. Great advice guys - Appreciated. I read a previous post when searching the forum by @Steveocee I think about upgrading the vsr that it’s not just about getting the new parts in but it’s also getting them to work correctly and I am not at that stage where I could confidently do this hence why if possible I would like to buy a good enough stock product either it be a sniper, pistol or AEG. I will try the sniper play as I just like the concept but I will find my feet with pistol and aeg. I only have the pistol at the moment and saving for the aeg -Thanks again for taking the time chaps.
  6. He has a specific video on the upgrades that allows him to push to 450ish FPS if required as he intends to use the gun in UK and USA. I don’t know what he replaced but sounds like everything and expensive - looks the biz though!
  7. @Steveocee I have just watched a few of fox green vids - I liked the one where he used TM 417 on another he used novritsch sniper(won’t be going down that road though). Still figuring this sport out TBH - fox green mentioned he did a few upgrades on the TM but didn’t say what - since he is restricted to 1J I presume it was just aesthetics.
  8. Appreciate the reply, I felt as much. Shame really as I have watched a few YouTube vids and I do like thIs style. I will check out fox green cheers!!
  9. I find this an excellent thread for a noob like myself - I wouldn’t buy without consulting someone more knowledgeable than myself anyhow but I like the fact that it calls out the optimistic sellers. Forum police of sorts - quite humorous also.
  10. As a stock gun is it a strong enough option for a skirmish as I would be unable to upgrade due to restrictions of 1 joule or 328fps where I live. I am not looking to take wings of midgets but I don’t want to be a mobey out there either. I do like the concept of been a sneaky fecker but am unsure if it’s under powered as stock to be useful.
  11. Olight have a sale starting on 08th May.
  12. Welcome to AirsoftEire! We are shipping our orders daily on time, but expect delays with couriers due to massive volume and reduced staff numbers. COUPON CODE: MAY2020 FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER €50! (IRELAND ONLY) CONTACT US FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES www.airsofteire.com - Southern Ireland based.
  13. Hi all and hope all are good, Got excellent advice on here when I wanted a gun and am delighted with it👍 Now after an AEG - Can you advise which would be the best option from these three also if you have an alternative do please mention. I have listed these as they are from a dealer in Ireland that I feel I trust to fix if I cant. They have numerous other guns available. Not sure if I can mention there name so I won’t. 1. ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 2020 Revision - Combo Deal - This is the cheapest option comes with three mags, battery, deans connector and decent carry bag. 2. Tokyo Marui AK Storm. 3. Krytac KRISS Vector - pretty cool IMO but €270 more than the scorpion I am comfortable maintaining a GBB Pistol but an AEG not so much so reliability is important to me and also I am not looking to upgrade so best out of the box for me. Thanks for reading guys and girls. PS - I forgot to mention I do like the scorpion as I think it’s a great size but I did find some reviews on here that the hop was a bit sketchy.
  14. I made numerous mistakes on previous pastimes these days I try to buy once even it’s an extra few pounds - I think you always save in the long run......easy choice TBH when you have forum members with strong posts and likes also. Really enjoying the site👍
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