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  1. After looking at a few different things online. I decided to see if my spring was in the right way round.(didnt know there was a "right way") Turned out it was in wrong way round, so i flipped it and now get relatively consistently 295 fps. Which i am much happier with. I may get a m110 spring soon to improve the fps further but will leave it for now. Thank you for all the help
  2. Hi Was having another look today When i reattach the upper receiver there is no light coming from the hop feed tube. However after firing on single the light gap appears and when firing on full auto there is a bigger gap. Dont know if you still feel the longer nozzle is the way to go.
  3. Have shone light down barrel and there is light coming through the feed tube. Is there an easy fix for this or new air nozzle. Have not checked the rest yet
  4. Have not checked hop rubber or the seals that end. What should i be looking for and how can i check the air seal? Thank you
  5. Based on information for checking air seal it appears good. I got a new cylinder head, piston head and air nozzle. My old air nozzle appeared to have no o rings inside it. Applied silicone grease. And after testing got good airseal.
  6. Hi I have made sure the air seal is good in the gun and fitted a m100 spring which apparently should have given me around 320fps. However i currently get around 270 fps which is an improvement. I have charged my batteries in a while but not sure how much that will effect fps Any help please
  7. Cheers will try and look into this. Or take to a shop when i can
  8. Hi Was using 0.2g bbs Not sure on hop i did adjust last time i was on field to ensure my bbs were flying correctly.
  9. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the fps from a stock cm16 SRL. Mine is currently shooting at 250 fps and wasnt sure if it needed any adjustment to get higher fps or if it just needs upgrades to get higher fps. Thank you in advance
  10. Thank you for all the info. I will look into this. Do you happen to know where the upgraded cylinder kit maybe in stock as cant find anywhere. Thank tou
  11. Hi All, Am looking at getting into airsoft sniping and am interested in the AS01, however looking at all the reviews and upgrades people do. Is it worth just starting with the AS02. I personally prefer the look of the AS01 longer barrel just looks more like a sniper. The site i go to has a limit of 500fps. Is it possible to have a good gun with the standard length barrel. Thank you.
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