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  1. Getting irritated trying to source lct g3 mags that feeeeed properly 

    1. kasaran


      i had to stretch my springs to get them to go.  also raised the innards up a little, though im not sure raising them is entirely necessary

  2. Was looking for Australian woodland green camo.thought it might work at my local site quit well in the autumn.where did you get youres from?you won't see any of that anywhere in a hurry what a find.how much did it set you back?

    1. MandalShArK


      Aussie woodland stuff can be found on eBay easy enough.

      As can the basic Navy and desert uniforms.


      If you type Auscam into UK eBay you'll find it all.


      The Navy shirt I posted came from a contact in Aus. Cost me about £200.

      It's rare as fook in the Aussie kit collecting circuit. 

  3. I've got a lct g3 myself I love it.run it on .25g and shoots like a lazer


  4. What make is the g3.ive got an lct g3 hated it to start with now it's my favourite gun..the size of it just means my play style changes a bit.


    1. Enid_Puceflange


      Hi buddy 

      I got the JG version of it from Taiwan Gun

      For £90 I’m quite surprised by the quality,  it sure how long the internals last, but if I need to chuck a few quid at it after 6 days playing I’m ok with that

      Your LCT looks a frikken beast, Infact I just fitted a scope rail to mine yesterday 👍

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