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Status Updates posted by alxndrhll

  1. Off back up North for the weekend at Camelot this coming weekend, excited to tick 'play at derelict theme park' off the airsoft bingo card. Not one I suspected I ever would!

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    2. Rogerborg


      Isn't the approved vocab "The old abandoned theme park, owned by Old Man Wickles?"

    3. alxndrhll


      Having just watched a video on YouTube from someone who has recently had a mooch around the site it's definitely more concrete playground than it is much ressembling a theme park anymore... but should be a laugh nevertheless.

    4. BreadyC


      I was probably one of the last people to see it in a near complete condition, I have photos from about 7-ish years ago from when me and a friend went exploring around there, it would have been perfect for airsoft then. Though there were numerous things which would be an absolute non-starter for airsoft, including but not limited to:


      - A HUGE hole in the walkway between the Jousting Arena and the rest of the Park

      - Impassable collapsed bridge across to the old pub, pagoda looking thing

      - A deadly drop in the playhouse (which is one of the only buildings left standing today) where the slide had been removed.

      - Removed decking where ride stations used to be making them a cross hatch of beams over a deadly drop


      Today, almost everything I saw is gone, I’m really not sure what we’re going to be fighting over.


       I’ve attached some of the photos I took them years ago.


      This is the last main building standing we’ll be fighting over this weekend 


      Here is the deadly drop where the slide used to be in the play area in there, doubt it’s still there.






  2. If anyone into the 3D printing thing could get in touch about creating/printing me an insert for a 'suppressor' to pack out for a tracer that'd be lovely, obviously happy to pay for the service TIA!


    Edit: Update, part now sorted. Thanks for those who have messaged me.

  3. PTW users (if there are any of you knocking about), what’s the general go to on a hop/barrel for a second upper? Have the stock one all set up for a 14.5” outer barrel, putting together an 11.5” upper and struggling to find anything on options. I see HAO have the full Orga setup, worth a look at all? I have a spare cylinder, so just have the inner barrel/hop left to tick off. Thanks in advance! (If you have links that’d be amazing)

  4. Booked on for Gangsta City, first 'non-regular' skirmish day in forever. Apprehensively excited!

    1. lukeB


      I'm glad it's back at Swynnerton 

    2. hitmanNo2


      I trust you've booked onto the coolest team, Los Lobons?

    3. alxndrhll
  5. On a psychological basis the whole Mr. No Brain back and forth is pretty fascinating, while also being entertaining to check back in on and all in all top quality internet nonsense.

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    2. alxndrhll


      It’s all far too exaggerated and deliberately cliche for there to be much of a root in genuine issues for me. Just inflated bravado, but as I say, interesting nevertheless. Granted it’s also interesting how it all somehow shifted to a very personal narrative on both sides of the fence. Online interactions will never cease to amaze me.

    3. colinjallen


      @Mr. No_Face, for someone who does not want to be here, you are spending a lot of time here.

  6. Had a great tail end of this year having started a new job that I love and just generally being in a really good place. Treated myself to a new bolty (a habit I'll seemingly never kick) having been gradually gathering parts for it over the last few months. Looking forward to getting back to it in the New Year having not been to a game since early November. Hope you all enjoy tonight whatever it is you wind up doing!

  7. The Fembots are coming! And seemingly want to load us full of drugs.

    Fembots Rock

    1. alxndrhll


      In hindsight I'm aware this makes little sense now all the threads started by accounts with feminine names and profile pictures trying to sell erectile disfunction pills have been deleted. if you know, you know.

    2. Shamal


      Where do I sign up? 😉

    3. Tactical Pith Helmet
  8. Off to Redcon-2 with a group of friends I played with a decade or so ago on Sunday. Excited to try out a new site, and see some old pals for the first time in forever.


    This'll be the first time I've gone to a game with folks in forever, suffice to say I doubt I'll be seeing much of them once we're out if the safe zone!

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    2. alxndrhll


      Seemed like a decent site, if I'm going for outdoors I tend to prefer what I'd call 'proper woods' but I can't hold that against the site at all.


      Managed to annihilate my left quad within half an hour of starting to play which put a bit of a dampner on the day, but I was still able to enjoy myself. Thoroughly enjoying a reinvigorated enjoyment of the game at the moment. I've been very close to packing it in multiple times throughout 'the COVID times', I'm glad I didn't.

    3. JVacation


      Redcon-2 is fun but far from perfect. I think they are still trying to work out how to balance it. Echo base the cqb bit comes to mind. Around there it becomes a bit of a stalemate where there is the fence. Also the site is much much bigger than you realise whilst also being a bit of a death trap on your feet. I definitely prefer comms site 3 to redcon but it's alright for a fairly good day of gameplay 

    4. alxndrhll


      The friends I met up with all seem to prefer Comm Site 3 so I’m hoping to join them there at some point. I ended up hanging around what I believe was called the ‘tank graveyard’ or something along those lines for a decent portion of the afternoon. Of the parts of the site I saw that seemed to best match the type of gameplay I enjoy.

  9. Getting that BASR itch once again, can't figure out if it's because there are two shiny new ones about or boredom. The opportunity to relive the Scouts and Knives glory days, or simply try out a Silverback RIF in a more conventional form are both extremely tempting though. The KC-02 also keeps catching my eye.


    But every time I come close to making a purchase I remember how bullshit MEDs are, and fuck running any of them at a low enough power to not have to play with one.

  10. First time I’ve worn my FitBit on a skirmish day, usually take it off for fear of it getting wiped out and just forgot to.


    I’d say I’m a pretty active player, not a fan of playing it safe a sitting behind a tree all day… but suffice to say I wasn’t expecting such high numbers. Pretty wild! (You’ll have to excuse the heart rate, just finished lugging everything in from the car)



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    2. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      Friends have done similar.  It's amazing how far you go on foot without noticing it.  

    3. Shamal



      What's the last value? 18.15

      It looks like the location icon.🤔

    4. alxndrhll


      Not far off, it’s kilometres 😊.

  11. Extremely bittersweet moment for me. Off to my first game in forever on Saturday, got some fancy new RIFs to play around with, making sure all my kit fits... I've lost a few inches off my waist since last attending, my shooters belt won't adjust down small enough and my bottoms (UFPros) fall down.

    I guess I'll get those up for sale then, and try and source some replacements ahead of Saturday. Weird mixture of very proud/smug, and gutted because I'd finally got 'the perfect setup' for me.



    1. Shamal


      Well you gotta feel happy that you have shed a few inches.👍 Wish I could lol.

      Can you not cut &shut the belt? 



    2. alxndrhll


      I'm sure I could, but I'd rather not be messing about doing irreversible changes to a piece of expensive kit that ultimately just stands to harm the resale value down the line should I want to change it. Stuck it up on here, already treated myself to a replacement :)

    3. Shamal


      Yeah that's true.

      And now you have a nice new one so all is good 👍

  12. If you're going to incessantly chase after people trying to buy a RIF that you seemingly:

    A) Can't afford the asking price of.
    B) Likely aren't of age to have sold to you.
    C) Can't be bothered to use proper English.

    Please do so in private messages so we don't all have to read your pretty embarrasing scattershotting.







    without interruption; constantly.

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    2. GenuineGerman


      the highlight for me as a youth was getting the chips wrapped with the page 3 girl

    3. strykerles


      too expensive for a chippy nowadays, nearly £8 for cod and chips here


      old chippy by me if you went in just before closing you could do a deal on whatever was left


      Had 2 jumbo sausage, large chips, mini fish and 2 scallops for £2 😆

    4. Shamal


      Our mam used to send us up the chippy on a Friday night for a shillings worth of chips and some free fish scraps for the cat. We never had a cat! 

      What we did enjoy though was the batter that fell of the fish and into the drip tray. The chippy would always give us kids a free bag. My god it was swimming in oil lol. 

      Bag of smiths salted crisps was 3d and had the little blue twisted salt packet in bag. Happy days🙂



  13. Hopefully this isn't within the realms of being an impatient prick (if it is... then sorry, not sorry), just wanted to do a bump of sorts of a thread I've got in the appraisals section... a section I myself rarely look at unless I have a post in there.


    It's for a KSC G23f with some extra mags, if you have any thoughts on a reasonable/fair price please let me know because I'm clueless.  Plenty of photos in the thread which I'll link here.

  14. Ever wanted to know what will seemingly bring a decent portion of airsofters to their knees? Adverts. Fuck me, for a bunch of fuckers whinging about snowflakes and the like you don't half make a fuss 😂.

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    2. Impulse


      Yeahhhhhhhhhh, I've mostly avoided the whole situation because people are being ridiculous.

    3. Cr0-Magnon


      I guess the fact that it's less of an advert and more a non-optional Novritsch theme, that people have taken umbrage with. Had it been a standard banner advert, I can't imagine there would have been as much uproar.

    4. Druid799


      My problem with it is I can’t focus on the forum properly as I’m trying to read it , the background keeps triggering whats going to become a headache .

      Prof has done nothing wrong he’s just generateing income to keep it all going .👍

  15. Follow up query from my prior one, does anyone have any links to places that happen to stock E&L Krinks? The usual searches essentially just spit out Defcon, though I can’t actually tell if they have it in stock or as a pre-order. Lord knows the SEO of smaller airsoft companies that may have what I’m looking for is woefully bad, TIA!

  16. LCT versus E&L in terms of a ‘gucci’ AKS74U? I’ve gathered together all the pieces to upgrade the internals and throw some repro Zenitco parts on a Krink, the original plan being a relatively budget build using a Cyma (which ended up not being so budget). However, I’ve just had an unexpected bonus from work so I’m toying with upgrading the repro Zenitco parts to RS ones and jumping up from the Cyma to either an E&L or an LCT.


    I’ll caveat that the most important element is probably how well either/or plays ball with real Zenitco parts, I’m expecting some fitting/fettling to be needed, but having no slop is ideal. Given I already have a pile of internal parts to hand for swapping out anything that warrants it I’m generally slightly less arsed about work needing to be done in that department.


    Thanks in advance!

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      it's just part of ak life sadly, guess maybe i don't find it so bad as i'm not so big on the taccing out.

    3. alxndrhll


      It's also just different elements of modifcation versus what I'm used to. Fettling a barrel nut or the like to get everything sitting flush on an AR is just a less daunting prospect versus taking a lump off the back end of rail and filling out a bit of outer barrel to get the latch working right. Largely because a barrel nut is generally going to be cheaper to replace than an entirely new handguard or outer barrel if you entirely botch it.


      In other news, my first order from Zenitco arrived this morning, so that all went fairly smoothly. More than happy to order from there again for the handguard itself (and anything else that takes my fancy).



    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      i know what you mean, very daunting having to take a file to a brand new and pricey rail/stock to get it to fit.


      on the flip side, internal work on the ak's is much easier than the m4 platform so it's got that going for it.

  17. Russian EMS tracking updates are precisely as Russian as you'd expect and I am absolutely here for it. 'Released from Russia', ohh so very good. It's the simple things.

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    2. Druid799


      Few wks ago I bought a tourniquet to rap my AK stock with and a few other AK bits’n’bobs from the Ukraine and was here in 4days , tracked all the way from Kiev to my front door no problem 👍

    3. alxndrhll


      I've heard mixed things in regard to Russia EMS post, folks seem to advise DHL if it's an option (which it wasn't in this case). Generally speaking I'm not overly bothered how long things take to arrive when ordering from abroad, as long as the tracking is accurate I'm pretty happy. Granted in this day and age patience seems to be a rarity, so I get I'm not the 'average shopper'. Sooner is always better than later, but I get that giving accurate shipping estimations isn't the easiest thing when the world is 'normal' let alone with everything going on right now.

    4. Hatchet


      Doing better than Navalny then...

  18. Sometimes a shit day and pay day coincide, and you make some potentially questionable decisions. Let's see how this plays out 🤷‍♂️.



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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      at the risk of getting a bit philosophical, i think it's more of a doctrine/culture thing when it comes to the russians insofar as their focus seems to be more "close enough for government work", at least outside of special forces.


      the thing i notice with the russian stuff is what often doesn't necessarily seem the most comfortable if you're sitting thinking about it (eg if you're messing around at home just holding the thing) just fades into the background when actually on the field.

    3. alxndrhll


      For sure, outside of something being obscenely heavy I don't think many of the things we mess around tweaking do much once you're playing... but I definitely think they have an impact on how you feel afterwards. Much the same as a pair of ill fitting boots, you don't notice anything when the adrenaline is going and you're focused on other things. But then you sit down at lunch and realise your heels are throbbing. In that instance, unless you're a dope, you probably look at getting some new footwear because you know what the root cause is... and the same applies to me for attachments and the like. Though without intentionally trying to sound like a 'elit3 0per8r' (because I'm certainly not), many throw these things on RIFs for looks and don't actually know what they exist to aid with and with that, know what they could improve in terms of comfort by changing things out. We have the luxury of not having to consider a whole host of stuff that comes with real firearms to largely follow whatever list of priorities we have for our RIFs.


      All comes with the caveat that folks should do whatever the hell they want, as long as they're having fun and not putting anyone (including themselves) at risk of any injury or grief.


      (Thank you for saving my Saturday afternoon with a natter about ultimately useless shit, Christ I am so bored)

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      yeah i do agree. whilst i'd be the first to advise new starts not to cover their gats in superglue and drag them through wal-mart i also don't do super-light guns. the latest krink build is verging on sa80 heavy and that's just an optic, suppressor and 2dp :P in my defence, it's mostly for the exercise and my crippling addiction to blued steel.

       i'm not against putting carbon fibre on an m4, to make it light but that m4 will have an alloy reciever. its a weird philosophy i know.

      i can see your viewpoint on the whole comfort thing, maybe my views are centred around my build just suiting most standard length stocks.


      plus ofc arguments about effectiveness with this sort of thing in airsoft are kind of moot anyway given if we really cared about performance we'd be running those stupid m4 pistol things the speedsofters use :P

  19. Does anyone have any experience of bringing ZenitCo parts in over here? Mainly looking for experiences from the handful of sites that seem to offer parts shipped to here. On the verge of giving up the shit show that is the various HK companies I've tried to order repros from and just get the real deal but would love some more info if folks have it.

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    2. alxndrhll


      Thank you kindly, along side some other miscellaneous things I'm looking at bringing a B11-u and B19-n handguard/top rail over. Is that likely to serve up any potential issue? Other items include a vert grip & extended bolt handle, but of the bunch the rails are the ones I could see potentially being problematic. And ta for tip off in regard to avoiding Russian post if at all possible.

    3. GeorgePlaysAirsoft


      None of those parts are controlled IIRC so I can't forsee any issues on paper - but sometimes things don't go that way! but tbh i've not done it myself so can't comment any further. Though FWIW I've been buying... a fair amount..recently in prep to "return to skirmishing" and aliexpress and redwolf have been excellent, wrt the latter I paid $4 shipping and it arrived in just under 2 weeks. ymmv



    4. alxndrhll


      Aye, always an element of risk on a case by case basis when ordering outside the UK. I've currently got an order sitting with Asia Airsoft (not a company I've ordered from before) on the basis they had everything I've was after 'in stock'. Given it's been sat on 'Sender is preparing item for posting' for the last 2 weeks I strongly suspect them being in stock is not the case. I've contacted them and been told 'Our colleague is packing them now' (or words to that effect twice.


      I've followed up requesting an accurate update, if they fail to do so I've given up chasing a refund from them and I'll just go through PayPal. So largely just looking at the options at this point.

  20. Continuing my clear out I’ve made my way on to my ‘patch bag’, found this absolute relic in there. Crazy to think this event, which was around 200-300 in attendance if memory serves, would ultimately become NAE (an event I’m yet to attend but plan to if/when it runs again).




    This spurred me to go on a trip down memory lane, ohh boy are those some ill fitting trousers and black boots with MC... what a sin! Good to see I was still loyal to 'mayo' ARs though. Ohh to be young again 😅.



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    2. GenuineGerman


      The naivety of youth. Would i swap being a fat 36 year old has been for a 26 year old whipper snapper, bloody right i would haha

    3. alxndrhll


      Outside of getting a decent haircut (though not recently), having a bit more salt'n'pepper going on, being a bit more 'coloured in' and no longer having big white discs in my ears I don't look a huge amount different... but I'd definitely welcome having 20 year old me's legs and lower back again!

    4. GenuineGerman


      i used to have hair as well haha 

  21. Just scooped up some real P-Mags to convert over into NGRS mags, I'm excited to have a new project to work on!

  22. Absolutely blown away by the standard of service from X-Fire. The process for ordering is certainly a bit odd, but you can't argue with ordering something from Japan and having it in your hands 5 days later. Been struggling to find somewhere with a good stock of PDI barrels for a while, suffice to say should I ever need any more that's where I'll be going.

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    2. Steveocee


      X-Fire are fantastic. I tend to default into a PDI barrel into all of my weapons and the order process is weird but yes very fast delivery. My last parcel got caught by customs. £16 charge (£12 handling - thanks parcelfarce) on a £36 barrel but I honestly don't care as it's easier and often cheaper than sourcing from anywhere else.

    3. Druid799


      Can highly recommend Echigoya guns as well from Japan , been using them off and on for years and never had a problem of any sort and as an added bonus every now and again they chuck out free international delivery , couple of yrs ago a team mate picked up a TM recoil Scar L for £350’ish from them all in ! 

  23. Currently fending off the temptation of picking up one of the SigAir MCX's with the intention of throwing a Kythera in it. I know I shouldn't, but boy do I want to.

  24. Don’t suppose anyone has a source for lexan/polycarb discs? Been on the hunt for a while to protect a weapon light/replica T2 to no avail, found plenty of acrylic but I suspect that’s not really up to the task... though happy to be told otherwise. Obviously not in a rush given the current situation, but it’s been on my ‘get this at some point’ list long enough to become irritating!

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    2. proffrink


      eBay? That's where I got mine at least. Most will do any size you like if you message them too.

  25. I got back into airsoft 'properly' at the tail end of 2019 to try and ease a creeping feeling of isolation following relocating for work, little did I know that'd become a theme in 2020.

    It certainly hasn't been the year I'd hoped for, but I want to take a moment to thank those of you I've had interactions with on here. It may not be much, but it's helped me not go entirely insane. I don't really buy into that our calendar means much of anything when it comes to new years rolling round, but here's hoping things become a bit more enjoyable over the next few months.

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Yeah we've all lost varying degrees of sanity this year.


      But whilst its been a hell of a year and things still aint so good at least the future is looking hopeful for getting back to normality, which in our case is dressing up as soldiers and shooting each other :P

    2. Impulse


      You and me both. I got back into airsoft in Octboer 2019. Suffice to say, I don't feel like I'm well and truly back yet thanks to lockdowns

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