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  1. Thank you for that huge effort @Sitting Duck; that cost you a fair amount of time an I appreciate it. I don't have a suitable chronoscope for airsoft and so have no yardstick for measuring improvement or the reverse. As I said, I spent a happy hour pursuing my idea for the project and zero pence so it was possibly only my time I wasted. When I find the time I will try it though I feel that it is way too long and will probably droop and spoil everything so I may just shorten it. I don't really know what to do and I'm too busy building benches for my workshop to do very much else anyway. A couple of pictures for any Doubting Thomas'
  2. Putting the cart well ahead of the horse, I spent a happy hour making a barrel extension/mock suppressor for my Cyma cm501 CQB. The inner barrel is a piece of aluminium arrow shaft tapered to seat into the crown of the rifle's barrel. The inner diameter is an excellent match to the rifle's barrel, it seems. The muzzle end is 'crowned and polished'. The outer body of the assembly is made from a solidly-made cardboard inner from some clingfilm and the inner barrel is centred with rubber-bushed washers which fit snugly into the outer tube. The whole assembly gives an additional 255mm to the existing 259mm of the Cyma giving . There is an adaptor (of sorts) to hold the tubing to the rifle's outer barrel and is stabiliser further by the flash hider. Now the question; Assuming it stays aligned with the bore axis is there any point in this much extra barrel? Is it likely to (a) raise the FPS? (b) aid more accurate longer range shooting? (c) be just as effective (whatever that means) at half the length? All contributions welcomed, thanks.
  3. After being let down by my Chinese mesh-mask provider I was going to go 'bare-faced' into my first skirmish but since taking the shot to the throat I am devising a lightweight EVA foam solution. I liking making stuff anyway so this will be fun.
  4. That's just the job, thanks. I shall listen out for the whirring noise. I hope that by the time I go for my first skirmish I shall have all the knowledge I need to not make a hash of it. I tried my Cyma cm501 for the first time yesterday and I am very pleased with it. Today my brother had a go and I was shot in the throat from about 15 yards and after the BB had passed through two thickness of 'knitted plastic' greenhouse shade mesh. They sting, don't they?
  5. Sorry if this has been covered before but, just how much winding will an M4 High capacity magazine take? My mag says 330 rounds (probably not relevant) so do I wind until resistance is felt and stop? Should I top-up the BBs after this point and how often to I need to re-tension the winder to work through a whole mag? Thanks!
  6. For a guy who has never even shot a single BB yet, this is a head-full! I would have tested the M4 today but the weather had been pants. I'm looking at the rifle trying to figure out how to even open the casing let alone altering the Angle of Engagement(?) of the motor. I watched a shimming video and, well; that's bit further down the track. Tell me chaps; I see buckings with 50, 60, 70 degree nubs. How does this affect the hop? And while we're here, what is the optimum for a rifle like mine if that can be stated? Thanks for all the replies. I am willing to learn all I can about this hobby but sometimes it might as well be in Greek. Deans? I'll Google it!
  7. I now have my first Airsoft rifle! I have bought an as-new Cyma cm501 and it looks very impressive (far better made than I was expecting) but being 2nd hand I doubt that the warranty means much so I can open it up (help!) and tinker. I have not shot it, at time of writing, so I shall anticipate a poor(ish) performance. So far I have polished the barrel and I am waiting for some Geoff's .25s an some Scorpion .20s, just 1000 of each for testing. Can the members give me one or two tips on making the best of a low-cost AEG, please? Is there any simple (can't stress that enough) thing that will make it a better experience to shoot? Thanks.
  8. Right, that's a big 'don't bother' for this idea. Thank you Airsofters, this is all new and purely theoretical for me as I don't yet even own a rifle BUT I expect to receive one by mid-week. Bought from a forum member at a very reasonable price for an 'as new' M4 style Cyma I expect to have a new obsession very soon. Let the games begin!
  9. I am curious to know if I can assemble several 3.7v 18650 ex-laptop batteries into an 11.1v power pack for an AEG? Is it as simple as, perhaps, shrink-wrapping them into a stick with + and - terminals ending in an appropriate connector? I'll bet it isn't. There are bound to be complications about amperage or discharge rates!
  10. Is it possible to attach a small holo-sight to the top of a mk23, Heroshark? Is it even worth trying?
  11. One of the things I like about the Ruger is that it is light at 600 grams compared to the mk23 which weighing in at a substantial 1kg . I would doubt that I would want to hold a bag of sugar out in front of me so the lighter Ruger looks an attractive option. Is the mk23's trigger much lighter? It too is a double action pistol.
  12. I've had a lot of time on my hands recently (haven't we all?) and this little NBB has caught my attention. It's reasonably priced (cheapish) and runs several mags on a fill of Green Gas. It also has an externally adjustable hop-up and can shoot .25s and up, though that may be at American power settings. The only problem seems to be that spare mags are rarer than hen's teeth. Has anyone here had one of these or can tell me more about them than Youtube can? Thanks in advance.
  13. That's a kind offer and I am tempted but I have sort of set my heart on making my lightweight 'anti-sting' carrier-type-thing and now it's just a matter of getting around to it. So many other things to do first!
  14. There life in the old dog yet

  15. Mmmmm. I was expecting a mixed response to this but it seems unanimous, so far, that these aren't 'fit for purpose' outside of a CQB arena. I am eyeing up the Mk23 and I suspect that I will be buying one soon. I would probably have ordered one already if the holster I want was in stock. Soooo many 'out of stock' items! I guess what you are doing in asking for a notification of 'in stock' is asking the retailer to get one in for you.
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