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  1. Hi all! Just wondering what sort of weights i should be using in my rifle? I have a Specna Arms SA-C05 and as a noob i use the common place .20g bbs, should i be using slightly heavier for better performance at all? My GBB Pistol also gets loaded with the same but ive heard it would benefit best from 0.28g bbs. Many thanks!
  2. Mine works all good now, lubed up the slides are the o-rings and began controlling the trigger finger and the issue went! Thanks for sharing the video however!
  3. Im more of a skirmisher than target shooter, Splatoon is wonderful! Plus i have friends who marshal there
  4. Maybe if you fancied we could meet at splatoon at one of their skirmish days? I used to play at Hockley but their low FPS limit means none of my guns are suitable and i really dislike their rentals! Hope to hear back soon! I played my first game in a few years at Skirmish Billericay.... regret ever going back to that site! If you want a super fun local site i would 100% recommend Splatoon! Their field is just amazing and gives much more fast paced action compared to skirmish!
  5. Hi, Thanks for clearing this up! I will try keeping my mags warmer and also go a bit lighter on the trigger!
  6. Thanks Mate! Much appreciated! Still, a bit of a newbie!
  7. Just thought to try it in the garden real quick, doesn't seem to do anything bad when I fire at a decent pace, slide locks back fine and each kick feels powerful, unlike how it felt before when I went a tad heavy on the finger. Should i put it down to cooldown and go a little light on it?
  8. Hi Rocketdogbert, i bought the gun on the saturday and skirmished it on the sunday, i noticed it was happening after say the 3rd match of the day? i dont use the pistol much but got to admit my finger is a tad heavy.
  9. Hi all, Wondering if a tech or GBB expert can help? My KP-06 by KJW seems to be "locking up" and or not having enough power to push slide back? Is this the cooldown effect? I shoot the gun fairly fast in all honesty and could do with slowing my shots down a bit but wanted someone to shed a little light? Thanks all!
  10. Hi guys! This looks like an amazing place to play CQB! Any idea roughly when it might open as I'm itching to play here now!
  11. Hi All! Anyone here from and play in the Essex area? Looking to expand my connections and possibly make friends who I can enjoy the sport with! Currently, I play at Splatoon in Wickford/Shotgate!
  12. Thank you for the heads up! Just found a leg holster for £10 second hand and decided to buy it as it was cheap. Ill give it a game or two before i decide if i should scrap it and move to the belt design, only thing i was put off with the belt holster was if it would sit a tad high for my liking! But it is all trial and error i guess! Regarding my choice in gun, it was recommended for my budget by my local shop and seems to shoot fairly far and straight so i can not fault it at all!
  13. Hi! I am also from Basildon! Just started playing a few weeks ago! If you want a more local site that is extremely fun and well mapped out i would highly suggest Splatoon in shotgate, wickford! I hope to see you about! Jake
  14. Hi guys! I have just started playing, and I am enjoying every moment of the sport! Currently, I only have some cheaper equipment and guns, ill list them below so people can give their thoughts on a newbie (with a budget) load-out! Currently, I am running the following; Primary: Specna Arms SA-C05 M4 with a red dot and angled fore grip Secondary: KJW KP-06 Hi-Capa 1911 I am currently looking for a holster for my Hi-Cappa, preferably a hard plastic style drop leg holster! Any help or advice is much appreciated! Many thanks, Jake
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