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  1. Yer my bad description the valves are straight but the mags are angled. I know what I mean in my head, just never comes out like that
  2. Yes that bit I'm away of, and is what I was trying to say. But thanks
  3. What I meant to say was on first filling a TM mag with the gas canister they leak straight away while trying to get gas into them, like the canister nozzle doesn't give a good fit. I know when they get to correct pressure the gas will then escape and its then that you stop filling, but I have difficulty even straight away with gas escaping which is why I asked if the TM fill valves have a slight diff size, as I don't has this issue with any other guns in my collection, when filling with gas. Iv'e tried a few diff gas canisters and they all do the same on the TM range I have, I know you have to angle the gas canister as the valves are seated at an angle. The TM guns do seem to fire but just loosing a fair amount of gas when filling them, and is made more difficult trying to know when the mag is full when the gas canister is leaking gas on trying to fill. Oh well, looking at the replies I guess I'll persevere with them and maybe try a diff make green gas see it there's any difference . Thanks for all the replies and help.
  4. Why is it, when filling my collection of guns, that it's always the TM models that are a pain, as its harder to get the gas in without leaking, but on all the others like We, Raven and Umarex, all fill without any problem. I'm using nuprol green gas and was under the impression that the fill valves are the same on all these makes. Maybe it's just me, but seems a little unusual, maybe someone can advise?
  5. Cheers going to give it another go either tomotrrow or Monday with the advice you've given, will let you know how I get on once I've done it..... Again
  6. Hardest part was getting the spring back in without it popping back out while holding piston in place. Funnily enough I didn't actually have a problem with the anti reversal latch or trigger
  7. Cheers for the help and advice, I'll give it another go tomorrow and recheck everything. But fir now my fingers are do e in after hours of fiddling around with getti g gearbox back together all in one piece
  8. Hi folks hope someone here may be able to help. I've stripped my WE tactical M4 to fit some new red alloy parts, mag release. Trigger and selector switch. This meant opening gearbox to fit trigger and having four pairs of hands it all got carefully rebuilt back together. The issue I have is the gun goes into safe mode and full auto, but when in semi auto it will fire once and trigger won't bounce back and you have to move trigger forward to be able to fire in semi again. Cheers for any help you can give.
  9. Thanks for all your help and advice I'm sure I'll be able to one now, many thanks
  10. Hi can anyone help me in obtaining, or can advise where I can obtain a few spare O rings for magazines in my TM sig sauer p226. It the one that sits inside when you remove the bottom plate of the magazine and ia approx 25mm diameter but a very small cross section of approx 2mm, One is missing altogether and is leaking like a seive, but I've 3 mags so would like to replace them all as a precaution. I've tried a few airsoft online companies without success. Cheers for any help
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