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  1. If the answer was look for yourself then yes I did lol
  2. Sorry spoon feed really thats the kind of response you get on here ,i ask for help i have searched and you did not answer any question at all just said look yourself so whats the point of this forum if you cant ask for help,i would help anybody anytime even if its been asked before, is it because i am new to this probably yes but help is help so i still will help anybody on this forum with any knowledge of any issue i have info on so sorry but thanks for nothing if its something you cant be bothered to help on dont post on it simple really,and basic this question is not, i have not asked what
  3. I regret asking for help if you have no info on the issue why bother posting ,some people have said they have had some success with tm mags but they dont lock back ,all I wanted to know if anybody had got them to work on here seems easy but i was wrong .let's hope not everybody post please check Google when someone ask for help.
  4. Ok it my be straight forward agreed but I have seen while looking some poeple say some tm mags fit, if anybody that can offer an actual answer on this thanks ,all I have done is ask for help if that's not ok why have forums,I help when I can if I have actual experience with the issue
  5. Unhelpful already done and no clear answer thought someone might have more experience as I have only just got into the sport
  6. Hi is there any extended mags compatible with this gun I did see that maybe some tm mags fit ,but is there any extended that do thanks

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    hi just before i buy new dose anybody have a upgrade kit they have taken out or want to sell thanks


  8. Hi guys bought a second hand jg bar 10 and had a few which are getting worse slam fires ,now should i just get a trigger set ie piston sear or should i bite the bullet and by this https://airsoftsniperparts.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/6388413 or do you now how i can alter the piston sear to work better thanks a lot if you can help me
  9. HI mine has a similar problem and it seems to be the mags ,any that is they don`t sit right and need tape on them or Velcro placed in the mag well to get a perfect fit and perfect fire through on GG mags look on you tube hope this helps
  10. could you please read your msg thanks

  11. Pmd for valken and glock
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