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  1. Well I haven't decided what colours to paint it in yet, so maybe I'll go with 'rotting tortoise'!
  2. I'm afraid I don't have one to hand to disassemble, will this do?
  3. Shall do! Already lost a spring by not paying enough attention. Luckily I have, like any sensible person should, many boxes of nuts/bolts/screws/washers/springs etc, accumulated over the years for exactly this purpose 😂
  4. This is where the sensible money would go, if you were betting on it. I've not even decided on a paintjob yet. Thought breaking it down might spark some inspiration.
  5. Wonder no more! Stripped it down as far as I needed to to be able to spray it properly (So basically, about 95% broken down 🙈). Will I ever get it sprayed and put back together? Place your bets! 😂
  6. That was very much the reaction of a couple of mates I've shown it to, as well! Cannot make my mind up on a paintjob, though. There are so many great custom ones out there.
  7. Right then, Phase the First of "Ridiculously excessive 1911" has happened. RDS, torch & laser, extended mag. You say ridiculous, I say hilariously brilliant. Tracer unit and internal mods still to come, along with deciding how to paint it. Or polish it, for that matter. Take a deep breath before you scroll down, you'll need it for the laughter. 😂 ... ...
  8. Ahh, I'd not thought of a grip swap, was just going to paint them! Good thinking 👍
  9. I have nothing to add to this conversation, but I just had to say that 'bunglecunt' is amazing, and I will be dropping that at work on a regular basis from now on. 😂
  10. Oh, hello! I looooooove 1911's! 😍 I'm planning on blowing some disposable cash, and far too much time, on turning an Army R28 into something OTT. RDS, torch, laser, tracer, bonkers custom paintjob, upgraded internals, etc etc. For no reason(s) other than A) My own amusement and B) The absolute horrror and outrage I'll get when people see it. 😂
  11. Evening! Don't suppose the scope goes with it, no? Worth an ask... 😁 I am interested, but broke for the next few days!
  12. Patrolbase have got 'em in for £200. If they've still got 'em in when I've actually GOT £200, I'm all over that like flies on shit.
  13. I've been looking at those, on-and-off, for months. What always puts me off is the built-in scope and the fixed bipod. When I'm all UKARA'd up and have got my eye in, as it were, I really fancy getting a good DMR, y'see. I know my Aug A2 could be turned into one, too...
  14. Half the reason I got my Aug was to be a little bit different, so this thread has gone right up my flagpole 👍 Be keeping an eye on this for interesting ideas!
  15. This is what happens when I spend all day watching sport and playing video games instead of sitting on here! Missed a quality meltdown. That'll teach me for doing other things. 🤦‍♂️😂 That post with absolutely zero punctuation though... Wow. I gave up even trying to read it. Can anyone translate? 😆
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