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  1. ok i bought me a nuprol 3.0 green gas
  2. ok i gonna use 3.0 nuprol than
  3. can i use brut sniper gas on the we g17?
  4. Haqz_

    Which gas is better?

    ich can buy 134a on Airsoftguns but i bought a 2.0 green gas from nuprol
  5. what airsoft gas is better 134a gas or 144a gas
  6. ok can i use green gas ? and wich to use? i think i buy nuprol
  7. and if i buy a metal slide can i use the brut gas without problems?n where I live I have 5-15 degrees
  8. I have the version with the plastic slide but I don't know if I should use Brut sniper Gas Predator Vertex Gas or anything else I don't know so well can someone help me?
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