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  1. Thanks guys anyone else have any suggestions on what pistol I should buy ???😁😁😁
  2. Just wondering which gas is best for it because my brother has never had a TM 1911 and he doesn’t know what gas would be best, He thinks green gas would be best but does anyone know for sure, thanks
  3. Oh thanks guys really good advise, the reason why I’m asking here to my brother is because he never tells me anything hahah thanks again,
  4. thanks guys, is their any particular sites I should look at for my soon coming future pistol, like a reflex sight or something small also, what is the best website to get my gun from, because their is a local surplus store near me, should I just get it their thanks,
  5. I’ve just started off playing Airsoft and was looking at some secondary weapons to go with my military load out, I have been looking at some colt 1911s and other TMs but I can’t make my mind up of which one to get does anyone know what a good starter pistol might be for my Military loadout, I would quite like a green gas blowback or a co2, which one do you recommend for a player like me thanks, ps my play style is more up front and into all the action. And if you guys wanna hear of a new YouTube channel, check out my brothers channel, it’s mostly airsoft videos. channel name: Riddler Goose.
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