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  1. not worth too much as they are wall hangers as completley unskirmishable. i picked one up years ago for £80. however you have the wood stock versions which may have some value to some people who want to do conversions etc
  2. Recently picked up a JG AUG A1. Typically I actually like the olive green that all the A1s are, however this one came in black for some reason or another, when I asked the shop apparently JG have changed their manufacturing spec 🤷‍♂️. Anyway I didn't want another black gun kicking around so thought I'd do something a bit different and gave it a flat grey colour. Added a cog from gears of War because why not? I know the cog has a bit of overspray and a bit messy but considering it's meant to be a blood spray anyway it kind of fits. (that's what I'm telling myself, let me have it) haha.
  3. does anyone run a TM M4 patriot HC? and what are your thoughts on it? thinking of picking one up solely for CQB. id typically go for an MP5K however keeping an M4 platform will help standardise my loudouts across woodland/outdoor and CQB. big help with mags and the such.
  4. the ares is the wrong model. i want the unwieldly near on unskirmishable hunk of the VN 🤣 so will most likely go A&K but ill definitley look into the sites given as both look good alternatives
  5. thanks for the replies. i may have to cast my net across seas to get one by looks of it. hardly a small thing to ship though 😂 id love to see an airsoft M16 LMG come out, or even a conversion kit to get that boxy handguard look
  6. True, its definitley a publicity stunt, it sounds cool so must be cool right? id rather someone buy land cheap and build a dedicated airsoft site from the ground up, actually catering to what makes good airsoft games.
  7. ive heard the B.O.L.T range of MP5s are really good quality. however they havent really been on the market long enough to test their longevity. that recoil system must take a toll. TM would be safe choice. cant really say anything bad against them. if you want an MP5 that will last and require the least upgrades. Id wait and see if ICS refresh there MP5 line like what theyve done with there M4s recently with the split gearboxes. given the difference in the price bwteen a G&G and a TM id personally go for the TM
  8. id quite like to see more indoor sites, like what evike are doing in the US. surely gotta be easier than getting these 'difficult' sites like a zoo/ship etc
  9. saw this on facebook this morning. its a shame, after losing the mall and now this i hope they still manage to pull something different off from your countless woodland sites
  10. I've put getting an A&k M60 VN on the back burner for about 8 years now, but still in nearly all that time you rarely see them in stock anywhere in the UK. What's happened to all the stock? Have they been discontinued?
  11. Here it is all fitted to mine (loosely as the heat guard has a different delta ring set up than my CA M16) Let me know this weekend as I have someone else interested in the launcher
  12. Where are you based? I have these. But I have never used them, I know the m203 has had a bit of dremel work to fit whoever used it previously. If you're local you could come check them out
  13. Thank you for the replies. Ive always wanted to install a mosfet anyway as i love the idea of a 3 round burst, the M15A4 came with a high torque motor but i bought that thing used back in 2011 so would it be an idea to replace the motor when installing a mosfet?, as for gearbox, is there anything complete out there that could be a drop in? ive had a shop around the internet today looking for completes but not many place seem to sell them. i know i may not need to replace the gearbox but im just thinking worst case scenario Its also still running large tamiya connections, where i typically use 8.4v 3300s as the large solid stock has a tonne of space. would it also be ideal to move to lipo at this point? i just want to create something that i know i can rely on, pick up take a few beatings and perform.

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    Looking for the elusive A1 VN triangular foregrip if anyone has any or knows of any. thanks


    gosport, Hampshire - GB

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