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  1. gonna take that last sentence and use it. after all its only fun . cheers
  2. With eyes as bad as mine It would be a benefit. But you have given me some good sound advice and a lot to chew over. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort replying to me. Good to have someone who gives an even balanced opinion.will keep you updated. Cheers Bob (Aka Josef Gerbils)
  3. I have 2 reliable backup aeg's. I have made up my mind to keep this as simple and bog standard as possible. The DMR route is an idea to make the most of the guns accuracy. Just been playing around in my garden and even on the standard spring through a red dot scope the trajectory is near damn flat at 30m (our sites MED and virtually bb on bb ! Dont know whether that's the norm or not ? Was even contemplating the idea of scoping and bipodding it and keeping it as is . Or is that a bad idea ?? I play for the most part in woodland so there is not a great amount of clear open distances.
  4. Thanks buddy. thats very in depth. decided im gonna give it a go. I can see many hours of lost bolts and flying springs and foul language. gonna have a Shit bay session for the outer stuff etc now. cheers buddy bob
  5. Need to find a strip down guide then and see if I can source a spare selector plate. Maybe I should fit the uprated spring and run accuracy tests before I start buggering about with pistons and seals.
  6. A lot of internal dabbling to be done then. That's the scary bit.
  7. yes adolf thats me mate. come from a background of HFT shooting and a lot of stalking and hunting. so prefer choosing a target rather than all the Rambo stuff always loved your name btw. Sorely tempted to make my screen name on the next group I choose "Josef Gerbils"
  8. Hi all. I have the above gun that I have been mulling over the idea of turning into a DMR. I am a technical idiot so be gentle with me. firstly how ghastly a job is it to lock off the full auto on these ? the intrawebnet thing has little to no info on these guns so im a bit blind. secondly will much need improving on this ? the gun is already very accurate and predictable. I have the uprated spring that will take it past the 400fps mark. in short it shoots very well indeed. just thinking dmr would make the most of its accuracy. So over to you guys to talk me out of it or not. And if anybody has any background on this particular gun I would love to hear it. cheers in advance folks Bob
  9. Hi all . Own 2 army armament pistols and they are a bugger for leaking at the fill valves. Anybody know where I can source reasonably priced valves (they seem to be almost as expensive as the mags) failing that inlet valve seal kits or last resort magazines. Cheers Bob
  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Reasonable condition TM MP5SD5 . Needs a bit of TLC. No spring in cocking lever. In skirmished condition. Comes with 1 low cap mag and 3 hicap ( although the hicap mags seem to be a bit moody when filled to the brim) they seem to feed badly and cause blockages. Lo cap working just fine. Dont know if it would benefit from a service I'm probably over egging it as it shoots very well. 2nd gun is a pretty much new TM glock 17 3rd gen . Has all the box and bits and Bobs comes with 1 mag that fills really well but is a bit gassy when filling. (Apparently this is a common problem with TM glock mags) holds gas and shoots perfectly. Will sell for £100 for the mp5 and £90 for the G17. Will also entertain swaps on either one or both. Looking for a aeg or rifle with decent range. Try me



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    Great condition. Very very slight wear to flash hider. Otherwise good. Fitted top scope rail and bottom and side RIS . Good solid accurate gun . Comes with 4 hicap and 1 low cap mag. Happy to take more pics on request.


    Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire - GB

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    Hi there. Up for swaps is the above. No Mark's or scratches and performs well. It is a good solid gun and looks the biz. Keep asking myself why I am not gelling with it ! Just not my cup of tea I suppose. Looking for ??? Would prefer collection. Comes with 4 mid cap and 1 low cap magd


    Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire - GB

  13. thanks mate . tried several mags and all have the same issue.bb seems to be stopping just short of the chamber. almost as if the inner barrel has moved back a bit creating a tiny lip that jams the bb cheers bob
  14. head scratcher here. r45 detonics when cocked is not feeding bb into barrel. it just sits jammed between the lip of the chammer on the little ramp that leads to the chamber. is there a fix for this ? cheers bob *in fact sod it, its a new gun. ive been trying to get it to work properly since I unboxed it ! back off to Taiwangun it is*
  15. Hi all. currently own both of these . and have the same problem occurring on both inlet valves. the little center tube that the gas nozzle sits on has dropped out. anybody know where I can get spare valves . ordered a set from hong kong but I think im gonna need a uk supplier because I don't have a month to wait if the problem occurs again. no where in the uk seems to stock them ! and im not sure if any other make inlet valves will be compatible. cheers in advance bob
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