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  1. TM HK USP. The full size one, not the compact. Just another opinion.😁
  2. I think the problem is that the trigger doesn't lay flat because of the shape of it. When you try and get the spring in, the angle of the trigger throws everything out. I've been planning on making a jig to hold the gearbox off the bench slightly with a recess for the trigger.
  3. Great, thanks. It's the circular one with the teeth. Be sure to let me know how you get on with the trigger spring...
  4. Good luck with the re-build. Whilst its in bits, could I ask a favour? Could you take a picture of the fire selector cam? I can't seem to find mine and I'm having trouble finding a spare. Thanks.
  5. I ordered my UH-1 in March, came in 30 days. Didn't think that was too bad. Now's the time to order, restrictions are being lifted over there and it will be at lest 6 weeks before you can use it over here. Put ours on the G36 yesterday and setup the garden range, it works very well, even in direct sunlight.
  6. No more skirmishes now either, and range closed as well. Very sad. Here's hoping the warmer weather kicks in and helps to get this thing under control.
  7. "time" is relative.😂 I did actually having it firing BBs in the garden on Sunday! Got a nice red dot from JP at the boot fair to go on it as well. 😞
  8. Going to watch this topic with interest. I bought a JG MP5K to "tinker with" last year and I still haven't fired it in anger😂 It has very much been a labour of hate so far. It's pretty much all in one piece now except for the trigger spring, that is an absolute nightmare.
  9. I believe it started out a few years ago to help NASA map the stars and then linked in with SETI.
  10. Gutted, might have actually got the MP5 working this week.
  11. To be expected, unfortunately. Surely they're not carrying on with skirmishes though?
  12. Hi all, need a sight for my new G36. After a holographic rather than a reflex. Had a look around but the costs vary wildly. Can anyone recommend something similar to the Eotech 552 or 553? Thanks
  13. Smashed him (score wise). No violence required☺️
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