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  1. Hello everyone, Now ive been a few times again after a 22 year hiatus im ready to make my first purchase. Now ive always loved a G3 but has anyone had any experience with the J&G or the classic army ones? Is it worth saving a bit extra for the LCT version? I know the LCT is almost full metal but in anyones experience are the other two companies efforts any good? I will eventually go DMR I think but one step at a time! Any help would be much appreciated!!!
  2. Hello everyone! Returning to airsoft after almost a 20 year hiatus, yes I know its too long!!! Anyway used to play up in mapledurham in reading when the only shop was owned by Mr Plummer and the only AEG was the TM FAMAS!!! Wow how things have changed!!!. Will be attending various sites very soon including reading and cold ash. Already put a couple of posts up about my first AEG as its a minefield of choices these days!! Look forward to meeting some of you on site
  3. Thanks for all the replies everyone it's all changed somewhat from 20 years ago when it was TM and that's it!!! I'm not technical in anyway so I'm going to get the so called best out of box that I can and then go from there I've been put off VFC stuff due to limited parts etc and someone just mentioned ICS. Are these any good? Again sorry for all the questions but 20 years out of the game has left me confused!!!
  4. Are g&p a good reliable make? Looks like the externals are good and the internals a bit to be desired
  5. Hi everyone So I posted a week ago and got some great advice about watching as much as I can as been out of airsoft for nearly 20 years. Anyway I've got a budget of around 450 for an aeg and I really like the look of VFC Avalon range. Is it worth paying more for the gun up front or get one cheaper and upgrade? Maybe a gun for 300 and 150 on upgrades. Sorry for all the questions and I'm on nights at work all week!!
  6. Thanks for all the replys, been watching hours and hours of youtube vids. Back in the day there was TM and thats it!!! Cant believe the choice now and will put a pic up ASAP
  7. Thanks for the reply Theres just so many different companys to chose from nowadays I dont know where to start!!!
  8. Hi all, Im returning to the world of airsoft after a 15 year hiatus and wow how much it has all changed!!. Anyway long story short what AEG would everyone recommend with a budget of around £350? I like the look of G&G Knights arnament SR15 or the G&G TR16. Im not interested in blowback or recoil just yet and wanted a higher end AEG which will last me a while. Thanks in advance for any suggestions but seeing as its been a long time all help will be grateful!!!
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