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  1. I got those Iron Airsoft pmags when I first got my MWS, I've now changed to all TM MWS mags. To summarize, from most people's experience they don't like them. I gave them a chance and conclude that I basically wasted my money. Pros: Lighter then MWS Mags 39 vs 36? round count Use for gun pics XD Cons: Bolt catch lip broke on me Silent fill valves make it confusing and I don't know how much gas I put in it After storage (with gas) for 2 months, since I stopped using them... they don't work anymore Gun feels less snappy compared to mws mags (w/ green gas mod)
  2. I have a npas on the way.. after trying the angry gun bolt set, I found that the FPS was not consistent at all, with joules ranging from 1.5j with full gas to 0.8j around the last few rounds. Not sure if I got a dud or that I put the nozzle valve upside down when disassembled to put threadlock on it. Anyone else can chime in? And if anyone can show which way up the nozzle valve goes would be fantastic !!
  3. Oh sorry to see that , as I mentioned before, the Strike Industries Viper CQB stock seems to be the closest to the MTR stock aesthetically. Thats if you want to keep using a collapsible type stock though. And SI stuff are quite cheap! But I've always wanted an UBR so here I am. XD I'm not well informed enough to give you advice on taps for the buffer tube threads unfortunately, I took it to a shop locally and they did it for 10 pounds equivalent (100HKD) and literally takes him less than a minute in the workshop round back.
  4. Oh no! Is that over time or a drop? And do you have a pic of the cracking? I got a SI Viper CQB stock but never got round to replacing it because the MTR stock just looks better. But yeah I guess now you see the RS buffer tube on the UBR works! (with some DIY solutions) Regarding rethreading, you can fit real steel rails & buffer tubes onto the MWS, but you will need to rethread them. As you see from the pic I rethreaded the front of my SBR to add the fortis switch, and I rethreaded the lower receiver on the DMR to fit the UBR stock. I looked at the price but the shop which was selling the g&p UBR repro was only a tad cheaper than the real thing, so I just went for the real thing instead. Plus ubr2>ubr1 XD The reason I used my MTR lower in my CQB was because it had ambi controls, which IMO are more important in a CQB environment where angles are tight and shoulders are switched often. When you install the UBR2, you essentially replace everything from the end plate and backwards. You will probably get a better understanding by watching an installation video on youtube.
  5. Cheers! I plan to get it all cerakoted FDE down the line and replace the Eotech with a strike eagle for a proper SPR look. It's a real UBR2 stock, as far as I know PTS never came out with the newer version. The spacer that came with was not long enough to compensate for the longer buffer tube, which I found odd. I'm putting it up to discrepancies between RS and Marui spec. I ended up putting some taped together coins behind the spacer, and checked that it matches the travel on my other rifle... and it works. Haven't had time to test and adjust hopup so far, but from brief testing it seems to run just fine! ---------------------------------------------- Waiting for some extra sealing buffers to arrive. I tested Angrygun bolt assembly briefly and I was so confused when I heard what sounds like coins shaking. Watched some videos on Youtube and realised that's what the twang people are talking about. Has anyone had the same experience? I swear its because the rifle is not as loud using this bolt, that I can hear the twang much clearer. Seems like RS rifles get the same problem when they put a suppressor on it!
  6. Additional info found on Facebook regarding the angry gun MPA/ complete bolt assembly. Tldr: Swap out main seal back to original to solve problem . https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=530391607522797&id=219415475287080
  7. Look at my profile, I have both mws and MTR and I swapped them around for a DMR/CQB builds. 1) yes 2) I haven't seen aftermarket parts for the ambi bolt release so maybe wait for the gold match 3) they are same internally. You get the ambi controls built in, which IMO are better then current aftermarket offerings. You get a nice silver fluted barrel, but according to what you say, you will change that anyway. The MTR stock is also very nice, and arguably better than most existing stocks.
  8. Literally just went out to the shops to get the MPA nozzle .. guess I'll have a spare now ! Looks like they took from Asura dynamics and have a reinforced latch too. Anyone know approx time to release? Edit: Found some info from their FB page, coming out next week/ standalone BCG will be available for sale.
  9. I'm in the exact position you are in regarding bolt carriers and the G&P roller. UAC apparently has split into Cow Cow and some other company (DP ?) so their bolt carriers are hard to come by. The GM carrier utilises a moving lever similar to their glock housings. Not sure how its going to hold up over time.
  10. @the3rdlegion I'd love for the forum staff to open up a subforum dedicated to the MWS platform so we can have a topic per part or something. In any case, from a noob to another. If you want a black gold aesthetic maybe wait for the gold match MTR16, which comes with the black/gold look you might be looking for. Upgrade wise.. to be fair the mws is very good out of the box so I'd run it without any upgrades at least once to get a baseline. First thing I'd do is the green gas mod. Most of my new mags don't last 1 mag using green gas. Parts you look to getting replaced or have as spare as they brake first -- Nozzle / Buffer (both plastic and might not handle green gas over time) INNER BARREL: Personally I changed the bucking and barrel, aswell as putting PTFE tape on the inner barrel to minimize any wobble. BUFFER : Varying experiences with buffer....Currently testing 2nd angrygun speed buffer, the first one started to cause ROF issues. Skim through the 85+ pages Its still a good read haha
  11. Sorry I meant the Hurricane one, theres a video on youtube but never tried it. Most of my mates who run MWS use the TM speed loader XL just fine, the one that looks like a magazine. I'll update and let you know, mines not stock though. 375mm PDI 6.03/ Guns modify Nozzle/ Modify Tan/ SixG Brass nub. In your case I reckon the NPAS or the Angry Gun adjustable nozzle might be better since you can dial it in. Others have had experience with it, I will go get myself one when I have the time.
  12. The one with the flip-out loading head? I shake between every plunge because the bbs seem to get themselves stuck inside the mechanism. Does way better than the Kwa one I tried. People talk about the Odin speedloader, maybe give it a try?
  13. Another question I've got is about the angry gun speed buffer. I've bought these two separately from two different stores they weight slightly different too. ( ~15g difference so definitely not a heavy recoil buffer) I'm assuming these are different iterations of their product as one was from redwolf and other from jk army, both reputable stores. Anyone here can sound out which one they own? Not sure if you've tried Tokyo Marui's own speed loader XL , I've had great experiences with that on the mws mags
  14. I only recently got back into airsoft. Outdoor games start next month. Do you have any recommendations on good bb brands? I only have 0.2g glow for my indoor games right now haha. Any updates on the angry gun nozzle? I'm currently using a guns modify enhanced nozzle and it seems to not seal well when pulling the charging handle. Might change to the angry gun one if it is able to hold a constant fps. Cheers
  15. It's the magpul mlok one
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