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  1. Bought a P90 because after Christmas shopping I had something left over
  2. Getting https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/jing-gong-p98-1-p90-sub-machine-gun-stanag-mod-aeg?fv=3109 PB: you’ll receive your order next week UPS: am I joke to you? It’s arriving tomorrow
  3. I clearly don’t know which way is up on the hop so I wish to get someone who knows what they’re doing to sort it
  4. I just meant "is there a better one" and due to the size I assumed if there was it may be an AEP and I didn't want that (if i get an AEP it'll be the Scorpion V61)
  5. I mean it’s growing back fairly quickly lol
  6. I’ll deal with it for going to airsoft but not to do a chore lol
  7. I was thinking for irony sake, every time I see it in a vidya game it’s literally the worst automatic weapon in the game also I’ve only seen one brand of a Spectre https://www.bespokeairsoft.co.uk/airsoft-gun/electric-rifles/ay-ay-0023-spectre-m4-smg-aeg-ay-0023 but idk if it’s any good and the design looks similar to some aep’s ive seen
  8. Unfortunately that’s 45 minute drive for me with an awkward bag on my back roughly the same distance away from me as Socom Tactical
  9. Is there a quality/reliable Spectre that isn't an AEP?
  10. Tends to happen when you’re in pain and suffering from a cold
  11. I’m asking about the sniper I’ve sorted the Finger already but I’d prefer to ask someone who knows what they’re doing fixes my rifle
  12. ??? Looks like you squashed out some of that sentence
  13. Is there anywhere local to Sunbury-On-Thames I can take my Specna Arms SA-S03 I took it apart to adjust the rotation of the hop slightly and ended up reinstalling it with the hop down slicing off my fingerprint in the process
  14. If that’s what the KA Shorty is then yes, I’ve also considered the MP40 by AGM
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