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  1. I get annoyed by “google it” when someone is asking anything they might be ignorant of, googling something when you don’t know what you’re looking for is prone to misinformation and telling someone to google something is basically questioning their general intelligence/common sense any brands you can recommend? Once I have done something once or twice and garnered some amount of knowledge on it I’m self sufficient on learning but right now I’m completely ignant on the subject
  2. I asked before ONCE and got told “wait until you know what you want” then I responded to that thread and got no responses as far as googling I don’t have the time in the day to pick through the pages for the relevant information you also assume I haven’t TRIED to search for the answers when I’ve tried and got just noise and nonsense I don’t understand but sure be a dick about it
  3. I’ve got a Specna Arms SA-S03 and I feel I need more range and accuracy but I don’t know what is compatible or what parts to get
  4. Ok, so renewing this thread because I feel I need more range and accuracy but I don’t know what is compatible or what parts to get
  5. but then i'd have a F2000 not a P90 I wanted a P90 BUT I couldn't find any mags in stock at the time so I bought with included stanag adapter so I could use it out of the box
  6. Stanag adapter is acceptable on the condition that you had no immediate access to midcaps because of availability
  7. All I know is “don’t use high caps” and “that Stanag adapter makes your p90 look ugly”
  8. How well do these magazines fit/feed with the JG P90?
  9. Well 40 mikes are the things I was looking at getting as I have a code for a site that has them in stock
  10. Is the CYMA M052 40mm Pistol Grenade / MOSCART Launcher worth getting? I’m incredibly wary of the low price
  11. The rifle is lowest on my list for pretty much the reason you stated I can always use my M40A5 for now
  12. Thanks, I’ll probably buy bits over the course of a year in that case as I’m not the best at textiles beyond patching holes
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