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    Far to many to list! But favs are
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    Don't be sad! Can't beat a pair of jeans, t shirt and a tac vest.
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    All over the South Coast where the best sites are. Used to love the Billet until it closed!

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  1. £129 brand new from fire support. 🙄 https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/marui-mk23-socom-gas-nbb-pistol
  2. That's green gas, there 1.0 is 144a.
  3. Tommycupra


    I'm the complete opposite to you on this with the exception of the g36, I found the most reliable and best functioning WE gbbr I have owned both used the v2 m4 mags. .. At some point with the exception of a 416, I've owned them all including an MsK, Scar H, & L, p90 and mp5.. personaly the best one by far was the PDW v3 open bolt. As for the mp5 - whilst in the standard form they were OK along with the MsK they were both too sluggish in cold weather, both more so then any gbbr I've used, despite being run on nuprol 4, the Scar H was OK but along with the MsK quite bulky and impractical. The P90 was amazing but the magazines require constant maintance which is just a pain in the ass tbh.. but when they were not leaking the gun it self was fantastic its such a shame the magazine design was its biggest flaw. When it comes to WE guns I find standard is best, they may only last you 3000 to 10000 rds before requiring replacement but I always found they worked from the off. .. Ratech parts are so hit and miss especially when it comes to trigger components! I fitted them in my Scar L, and PDW and they worked ok with the exception of the odd double tap on semi, fitted them in my p90 with no issues what so ever, had non stop issues with them in the MsK and scar H. Their steel bolts and aluminium nozzles are also questionable as it was ok in the PDW but required modification in the scar l and H and then the aluminium npas nozzle for the scar H was the worst component I've ever seen (might as well of just burnt the money) . And the npas they make is just crap and inconsistent I've found this to be the case on pretty much any npas though so I always opted for the standard rocket valve with an LFS disc fitted in the end for reliability during actual games.
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    ***sold*** Up for sale is one of my pride and joys of my airsoft collection... 😔 This is a KJW Kc02 and it's been extensively worked upon. Fitted with with an RA tech 380mm inner barrel and RA tech hop rubber, with an extended hop adjustment dial. Rouge Works lightweight Bolt and Piston, hardened bolt stop and a silent teflon buffer pin. new nozzle with a 1j rocket valve. But also comes with an Ratech Npas so FPS is adjustable. Currently fires between 380 to 400 with the valve fitted. This has Ruger. 22 laser engraved trades and its fitted within a real steel Magpul Hunter x22 stock in OD green. Comes with 7 gas tight mags and an unknown brand 1. 5-4x30 iluminated mil spec scope which has excellent clarity and eye relief and a Ris bipod. Also has the standard KJW kco2 stock also with rouge works trades. This gun has a few skirmish marks as expected but is in otherwise excellent condition with no issues. I'm looking for £440 collected from Kent.. This gun with everything cost well over 750 seperately. i Will listen to reasonable offers but nothing silly please.


    , Kent

  5. Either a kwa mp9 or kwa m11a1.. If size is the main deciding factor go for the latter. Both are Lightweight, pretty reliable as long as they're maintained with a bit of silicone oil on the piston seal and gun oil on the hammer and lower side of the bolt, both are fairly easy to get parts for {unlike a maruzin mp5k}. Good gas efficiency and range on both of them. The m11 fires from a true open bolt which pushes the valve knocker forward each shot and gives lightning fast trigger response, both can empty a 49rd mag in circa 2 secs. Both are supprisingley accurate on semi. MP9 is slightly more robust as standard but there are metal kits making their way back on the market for the m11s.
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    I have for sale a used WE p90 GBBR, good condition, comes With original box and manual as well as 3 magazines. There are a few skirmish marks and some scratching of the paint on the flash hider, but the polymer upper and lower receiver are both in good condition. This has an ra tech steel trigger kit, LFS disc and RA tech 6.01 barrel fitted as shown in the pictures. There is very little wear on the bolt. Gun fires fine on both Semi and Auto. Comes with 3 Magazines which are gas tight but do need the odd bit of maintence gas and o rings oiling after each game. Looking for £260 OVNO. Iddealy collection from Kent.. But may post at extra. BUMP.. sfs..


    - GB

  7. Depends on the mag size and the site to be honest, if they'e CQB based games on a small site with the safe zone near by then I'll carry around 4 to 6. If it's a bigger site outdoors then I'll carry less, That's purley down to comfort vs practicality as they tend to be much heavier (and costly if you lose one) over a AEG mag. which I tend to feel much more over longer games as dependent on the mags theu can easily add a couple of kilos to your loadout. I find if you're concervitive with ammo and take decent shots then 5 should last you easily. If you have more then you can leave a few in the safe zone and just dump the empty ones and collect full ones when loading up between games and it saves time. Then do a complete reload at lunch.
  8. Tommycupra


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    ***Provisionaly Sold, deposit taken*** I have a WE SCAR H mk17 for sale, good condition, lower receiver and cheek rest have been sprayed in krylon tan to break up the colour scheme a bit. Comes with 6 gas tight mags (only 4 shown, but have 2 more) and an unknown EGLM launcher possibly ares. Recently had a new nozzle and trigger kit fitted. Comes with a spare Ra tech complete trigger box but I could never get this to work properly as I think the disconnect or requires modification. As it is the gun works well on both semi and auto. Fitted with lfs disc so cqb friendly. Looking for £320 collection in Kent due to weight and size. Can possibly travel a short distance to meet if required.


  9. Been doing this for to long to argue! 

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